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Born Depressed: Those Magic Changes
RC-3232 stood near the edge of a circular landing platform. Varying shades of blue filled his vision. Kamino’s drizzling rain pattered against the surface of his visor. He watched the waves of the ocean below whirl against and around the platform’s support pillar. Blaster bolts whizzed pass the sides of his head and continued on toward the dark, stormy skyline.
The RC soon felt a bolt hit his left shoulder blade. Another one hit the back of his helmet. It was a training blaster being used, so the hits only left a faint stinging effect on the Katarn armor plating.
The flurry of blaster fired stopped after that last shot. Faint footsteps slowly grew louder until they stopped directly behind 3232. What felt like the end of a rifle barrel poked at his backside. The clone turned around. A younger clone in a navy blue tunic and a poncho with a darkened forest green color was smirking up at the RC. The rifle in the younger clone’s hands looked almost as long as twice his hei
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John Walker (New Vegas: Six)
Name: John Albert Walker

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian (Part Russian, Irish, Japanese, Swedish, British)

Eyes: Ice Blue

Skin Tone: Fair

Hair: Black

Hairstyle: Ranger

Height: 6.7 ft

Weight: 320 pounds

Implants: Hypertrophy Accelerator 

Sexaulity: Straight

Ethnicity: Christian

Family: Alexander Walker (Father, deceased), Isabella Kelly (Mother, deceased), Unidentified half sister (Unknown), Albert Walker (Grandfather, deceased), Elizabeth Walker (Grandmother, deceased), Amelia Walker (Aunt, deceased).  

Languages: Russian, English, Japanese, Spanish, Latin (Not flaunt with it), little of German, some Tribal languages he’s met over the years.

Born: November 11th, 2261.

Equipment: Desert Ranger armor, Pip-Boy 3000. Ranger Sequoia and sniper rifle, katana (GNR), several grenades.

Personality: A typical a quiet young man, doesn't talk all that much. His morals are in right place and does have strong sense of justice due to his heritage and as one could guess, he hates Raiders with a burning passion, Legion as well since he's seen them do the horrible things they are known for while traveling through Denver and other surrounding areas. The NCR he has conflicted opinions on, he agrees they got problems and people are suffering for it but he does however prefers NCR over the Legion and sees more redemption in them compare to other factions he can name but feels it need better leadership if it's gonna to survive and stop expanding so much. The Brotherhood of Steel he's known for almost his whole life, he remember seeing quite few of them that his parents worked alongside in Capital Wasteland before they died, picking up quite few things about them, hence why he was able get in the Citadel when one of soldiers remembered him as a child. But of course he holds West Coast BoS on much lesser light, he prefers East Coast BoS over the West after seeing the damage they caused in their war with the NCR and war crimes High Elder Jeremy Maxson committed, believing their now just a dying beast that it's killing itself. A noted factor about him is how he behaviors around women, he acts very gentlemen like, treating them with respect, mostly if they deserve it though, this could be traced down to his mother and other mother like figures he's had in his life. John has shown himself almost hold PTSD of some sort, all of it trace to that scar on his face, some moments he'll get a distance look and trace his hand on it, almost as if remembering something in his past, and has violent nightmares in night from time to time. While John does not enjoy killing, he doesn't regret killing the type of scum he encounters in the Wastelands, he will not apologize for killing Raiders, Fiends, Legionaries, or worst, typical seeing killing people like that as a chore. Despite how gruff he can be, he is capable of kindness as his display this to orphan children, giving them food and caps and if he can, find them homes. But John if one look carefully, there's deep regrets following him, ones he keeps to himself and doesn't let others know about. He often is hard on himself in regards of mistakes, while he knows mistakes will always happen and failure, he is none the less harsh on himself when he does make them, including any stupid ones he made. Funny thing about him is that he has a thing for red hairs and tough women with accents.

Backstory: Born in the Capital Wasteland, John was the son of a Desert Ranger, Alexander Walker, who fought in war against the Enclave 30 years ago on the West Coast and his mother being a Regular, Isabella Kelly, who met his father when he came to the Capital Wasteland, the two fell in love and had him soon after. John would grow up in a settlement outside of the DC ruins as his parents worked to hunt down slavers, raiders, etc in the Wasteland and would train him in return. His father, Alexander Walker, was one who taught him how be a Desert Ranger and didn't hold anything back, a gruff and weather ruthless soldier from the war against the Enclave and West Coast Brotherhood of Steel, showed him exactly the kinds of scum there was in the Capital Wasteland and had him see all their horrors, even letting him have his first kill when he sniped a slaver, blew his head open when he was 14, once even breaking John's arm when they were sparring and taught him how reset it back, pushing he's endurance. His mother, Isabel Kelly, taught him marksmanship, how be a lawbringer gunslinger, installing his sense of justice, teaching him always hold on to a sense of humanity but always know the truth from the lies. But one mission that his father and mother did, ended up being one that would ultimately kill them.

They had killed a lot of Talon Company members during a mission in DC Ruins where they were working with a slaver group and as a result they attacked the settlement of their home, John would be forced watch as his friends, neighbors, everyone murdered in the settlement, John was only able survive because of his training by his parents and found a way out of the settlement... It still haunts him to this day the memory of watching a rocket hit where his parents were holding up, killing them in the blast, the memory burned in his mind forever, the smell of their burning corpses and the looks on their dead faces. John attempted to find the survivors that escaped the settlement like him but only to find that they were attacked by Super Mutants... He left no survivors of any of them after seeing what Super Mutants did to them, luring them into a trap that ultimately killed them all, he didn't know how long he just lay there under the sun, he eventually got up and went back to the settlement, only to find Talon Company had burned much of it into the ground and made examples of he's parents bodies, it nearly made him commit suicide but something stopped him, he doesn't what but he just couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger.

He escaped to the DC Ruins where he would go on to survive, doing what he could, but it was a life of where strong live and the weak died, he was force live the life of a rat, hiding, finding food, killing, everything he could to survive. But a year later, John would ran into members of Talon Company, they were very same people who attacked his home, he was kill a few of them before he was force run into the metro tunnels but the mercs still hot on his trail, they finally caught up to him and were about to kill him... That was until the sounds of a Chinese assault rifle filled the air and the droppings of bodies hitting the ground, John was shocked to find a young man in a Vault suit come up to him, accompanied by a dog, a old man in leather armor, the tallest Ghoul John has ever seen, and a woman in skin tight Chinese Stealth Suit. John was saved by the Lone Wanderer himself and his companions, Dogmeat, Jericho, Charon, and Clover, this young man would help him find a home, teaching him that is there still good people in this fuck up world and his companions become almost like family to him, Dogmeat the faithful companion, Jericho the grumply jackass uncle, Charon being like a father figure to him, and Clover being like a older sister, the Lone Wanderer being like a older brother he never had. John would be taken to Megaton where he would be raised by the townsfolk and from there John would listen to the stories on the radio about the Lone Wanderer by Three Dog, becoming inspired by the heroic deeds he made on the Wasteland.

After the Enclave was defeated by the Lone Wanderer and his companions, bringing fresh clean water to the Capital Wasteland, John would go out and follow in the footsteps of the Lone Wanderer, visiting the locations where he had been, talking to the people who knew him, all in the search of learning who he was exactly and what made him into the man he was that saved the Wasteland. But it was not without scars, visiting places such as the Pitt, Mothership Zeta, and worst of all... Point Lookout, the last one showing there is a evil waiting in the darkness and while you cannot see it... It can see you, even losing a friend that day, a Swampfolk name Bob, a deformed but kind hearted man who didn't want to kill or murder, thus he was abused by his people, eventually helped John escaped their camp when he was captured, traveled with John on whole trip of the Island... But when they encountered a creature of somekind in Blackhall Mansion, it attacked them, stalked them, hunted them throughout the Island. Bob would end up giving up his life for John so that he could escaped, throwing him out of a window against his wishes in hotel they were hold up on, the last thing John heard was Bob shouting "YOU WILL NOT HURT MY FRIEND!" And later the sounds of him being torn apart, it forever haunted him as he got off the cursed island.

John would however learn that the Lone Wanderer had disappeared after he had gotten back from Point Lookout, it left him confused where and why he had gone, he went to everyone who can guess where he went. He talked to all companions of Lone Wanderer, all those who were close to him, Jericho, Charon, Clover, the treasure hunter Sydney, the Super Mutant Fawkes, the Brotherhood of Steel Star Paladin Cross, Elder Owyn Lyons, Sentinel Sarah Lyons, anyone who would have the faintest idea where he went but not even Lone Wanderer's lovers, Sydney and Sarah, knew where he went, he can only guessed where but not know. John finally decided he would go out to the Wasteland and search for him, wanting find the hero had gone but never found no matter how far he went, it left him... Lost almost. John ended up traveling to the West Coast after leaving Midwest behind after being tricked by a mayor in a town to kill local gang where in reality the mayor was corrupted, John would have killed him if the mayor didn't had backing from Midwest BoS to secure their power in that area, thus he left but not before letting it be known to BoS that Mayor was going behind their backs about making deals with their enemies. 

But he had learned the Lone Wanderer was not only Wasteland Hero out there, learning of the Warrior who help brought stability and peace in the Midwest and unity between races, but as he traveled down Western areas... He would come across one of the most evilest groups he has ever seen in his whole life... Caesar's Legion, John was horrified of the treatment towards women, the brutality of absorbing tribes, using starving children on the battlefield, John would come see this group as one of the biggest threats to Freedom and Justice in the Wasteland and as he wanted to kill them all, he knew he couldn't so he focus on keeping his distance from them but easier said than done as he was moving Denver, dodging the savage tribes, the dogs, and the Legion, but it was here that John saw Legate Lanius, the Monster of the East, in action and he was terrified of this man. He saw him rip men apart with his bare-hands, his massive sword cutting through them like a butter knife through butter, his massive strength and size 
terrifying his enemies, but what truly frightened him was when he saw why he was call the Monster of the East when he came across a destroyed tribal village, he found everyone dead or crucified or killed in other worst manners that forever scarred him, but fuel he's anger for the Legion. He was lucky to avoid the Legate but he was almost caught few times but his encounter with him showed the kind of monsters the Legion has. He traveled through Arizona, sometimes dodging patrols or killing them when he could, or in rare cases he disguised himself as a Legionary in order blend in, but finally with the assistance of a tribal he become friends with, John was finally able escape it all and made into NCR territory where he would see a very possible chance of restore of peace and justice in the Wasteland.

But he also saw NCR's weakness. Corruption, aggressive expansion, etc, but he would rather have them over the Legion and he saw at least these flaws were capable of being fixed but it all takes the right leadership as that's what ultimately made him fairly loyal to NCR, the people, not the corrupted leaders and shit, the people he met while traveling is what made him loyal. He would even meet the Chosen One in New Arroyo, him and the retired hero would have a conversation of their adventures and from there, John learned of the Vault Dweller whom he has come consider the very first Wasteland Hero that possibly had been and the one who save whole human race from the Master, still though he did had help keep the Chosen One in line as despite being a old man, he got in trouble a lot.

Like when he had step in when the Chosen One hit on a powerful Baron's wife and caused up a bar fight, or the time he had to pay some bar debts that Chosen One owed money to. He was almost beginning question how this man saved all West Coast from the Enclave but there was moments of wisdom that did surprised John. John even met a young woman there, Miranda, a Follower who just wanted help and do what she could for the world, John while thought she was bit naive, she... Help made him forget the things he's seen, it was truly one of happiness moments of he's life with her, often calling her amber eyes the glowing sun filled with warmth, but their relationship didn't last long as John lust for wander beaten him and Miranda went out on missionary work for the Followers, it hurt him, far more than anyone would think.

He traveled the places he learned where Chosen One or the Vault Dweller, just like the Lone Wanderer he wanted truly see the effects of their decisions and actions, but one place nearly changed him, New Reno. John found all kinds of scum in that place, it drove him off the wall, he ended up becoming an assassin or hit-man for Mr Bishop but only because he always agreed to he's terms more than the Wrights and that he found Mr Bishop actually a positive thing for New Reno. He become colder, more ruthless, even sadistic to a extent, hunting down anyone that Mr Bishop gave him as targets or anyone he found guilty of crimes, he eventually earned reputation as a ruthless killer for the Bishops, taking out at least two smaller crime families and even killed one of the Van Graffs, but what finally truly made John realized he was becoming when Mr Bishop assigned him to take out the Yakuza when they made deal with the Van Graffs to take territory from the Wrights that was dangerously getting close to Bishop territory.

He stormed through their base, killing anyone that stood in he's way before he finally made it into where the leader was at, John and him dueled for a bit before he finally killed him, slicing he's head off as he requested to be killed just like the Samurai... But the daughter of the Yakuza boss found him, as John stared at the crying young girl who cuddled her father's body... The memories of him holding he's parents bodies before burying them came back to he's mind, while he did not regretted killing the criminals, he did however began see what he was becoming, like he's father. John would only say to her before leaving "Seek me when you are ready." He got the money and left New Reno, leaving it behind as he made it back to the Wasteland, coming to prefer it over cities. 

While he did worked as mercenary and even once a caravan guard, John still continue he's search to understand the truth. Was apart of Old World Opportunity for a short time but he found them too ruthless for he's liking as he saw them kill even civilians, he would have killed them if he could but the leader's skills, Opportunity, made him stop as he knew, he was no match for him, but when he was asked get the money for the job while the others intent other matters, John killed the one who hired them by bashing her skull in until there was nothing left, he gave all money to the team, but didn't take his share even when Opportunity insisted that he did, he refused even to touch it and left them, not even acknowledging him even when he kept trying call him back, just kept on walking away from them.

Now John is in the Mojave Wasteland where he firmly believes a Wasteland Hero will appear, the shitstorm between the NCR, Legion, and Robert House, will surely allow one to rise but he only hopes this person will make the right decision in the Wasteland....

Special Chart:
Strength: 9
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 5
Luck: 8

Skill Chart:
Barter: 19
Energy Weapons: 49
Explosives: 73
Guns: 90
Lockpick: 23
Medicine: 30
Melee Weapons: 95
Repair: 49
Science: 14
Sneak: 67
Speech: 44
Survival: 100
Unarmed: 94

Trait Chart:
Build to Destroy
Wild Wasteland
The Lone Wanderer
"The Lone Wanderer was a young man from Vault 101, growing up believing he was born there... Not knowing he was born out there in the Capital Wasteland, at the Jefferson Memorial building there. His parents were James Lincoln and Catherine Halsey Lincoln, from what I've heard I believe they were Followers who came to the Capital Wasteland after hearing the horrors of that Wasteland, if you believed the Mojave Wasteland or the West Coast was bad then you should have seen what it was like growing up in a place like there, at least here there's civilization, there was hardly any of that at DC, just survival through all the death and chaos. His parents wanted to do something about it, the water was horrible to the point clean water was treated like gold, so their plan was Project Purity, built on the hope to bring fresh clean water to the Capital Wasteland, to help it heal... But Catherine died when she gave birth to their child, James from I've gathered was heart broken, it left him hollow, so his goals instead turn to safety of his child and he took him to Vault 101. Not sure what he did to convince them let them in but they did and the Wanderer grew up believing he was born down there... That was until his father left the Vault, to try restart the Project again, I can only guess the lingering regrets ate away at him until he decided he was gonna do he feels must be done. But he didn't count on his son following him out of the Vault and into the Capital Wasteland. He never wanted to harm people, never wanted to kill, he wanted be a doctor like his father and mother but the Capital Wasteland always takes something of your's, always does and in this case his innocence. Still, it never stopped his desire to help, it seemed almost despite every horrible thing he ever saw in the Wasteland, it never stopped his desires in trying make the Capital Wasteland into safer place, much like you though he ended up gathering friends along the way." He takes a puff of smoke from his cigar before continuing.

"There was Jericho, an old Raider who decided to have one last adventure and excitement, he was a asshole but loyal despite what you would assume of him, I think the Wanderer changed something about him when he traveled with him. There was Dogmeat, yeah silly name and ironic considering the Vault Dweller had a dog name that but that dog followed him everywhere he went and never left his side, bet ya it's still with him even after all these years. Clover the freed slave was a mindbroken slave that Lone Wanderer freed, the slavers at Paradise Falls did horrible things to him, things that only proves slavers are the scum of the Earth, but I think her time with the Wanderer helped heal her mind and by time I met her, I saw a aggressive and kinda insane but loyal and has caring side of herself to those she cares, she was kinda what I imagine be like have a sister now I think about it. Charon was probably his most loyal friend, tallest Ghoul and probably most dangerous one I ever met in my life and I've still yet meet one who is, he was gruff, quiet, never talked all that much.. But he was one of closeness things I had to a father after my was killed by Talon Company, he taught a lot what is to survive Wasteland like my parents, I firmly suspect he was former military before the war, I think he liked that I never try prey into his past... I miss him. Sergeant RL-3 and I never got along, he was Mr Gutsy robot from what I guessed fought in the war, he was also one of the meanest and nastiest one I ever met, he was lot like drill sergeant who likes getting into your face and always calls ya what he see's at you, I still remember the arguments we got in, still he followed the Wanderer like a loyal soldier and proven himself very dependable when it was needed. And there was Sydney, you remind me lot of her actually and she was practically like a sister to me, very independent mercenary and treasure hunter, dug up relics of the past and sell them to who can buy them, no matter the risk or danger she always took it... She was very close to the Wanderer, they were together by the time I met up with them again. Paladin Star Cross herself was actual a friend of his father, she was probably one of the most noble of Brotherhood soldiers you can possibly imagine, she wasn't a zealot or anything you expect from the Brotherhood, Elder Lyons ran his Chapter very differently from the West Coast and she was what you could imagine a Medieval Knight being like, she was very outspoken about ideals of justice, honor, compassion, I remember how she acted around the Wanderer, I think she treated him like a son almost. And then there was Butch, if you were met him you probably think he was copying cat the Kings, he was punk, try act like a gangster sometimes but I think something in Capital Wasteland changed him, I think he started almost see what Wanderer saw, just not in the way he did though, he still wanted do his own thing but he didn't fully oppose helping people, last I heard from him he started his own gang, the Tunnel Snakes, their lot like East Coast version of the Kings. And finally there was Fawkes, a Super Mutant from Vault 87 and was an outsider of the others, Super Mutants at East Coast are far more aggressive, violent, and stupider then ones here in West Coast but Fawkes was nothing like them, he was highly intelligent, companionable, love reading books, learning the past, he was inspired by famous people of history, I guess you can say he play an influence in my own interest in history. They all followed him to everywhere he went, all but few places like that cursed hellhole, the Pit, a past of disease and death, the Mothership Zeta where he was kidnapped by aliens of all things, don't believe me? Well you don't have to but it happened. And... Point Lookout, that place was hell on Earth, a nightmarish place that I still have nightmares of, trust me when I say that." He paused for a moment, as if remembering something.

"Anyway. The Lone Wanderer and his companions found me in the ruins of DC, they saved my life from Talon Company were just about to kill me, they helped me found a home in a town call Megaton, I grew inspired everytime I heard of him on the radio of his adventures and he's deeds in the Wasteland. But it didn't mean there wasn't moments where it pushed him to the limits, he eventually did found his father and they both try restart his mother's dream of Project Purity but... That was when the Enclave arrived and made their return, people died that day, including James. From what I've heard from his companions, it looked as if a part of him died that day and when I met, he just wasn't quite the same as I saw him last. He still wanted help people, wanted make the Wasteland into a safer place but he was bit more colder, more ruthless even on those who prey on the innocent, one moment he can be kind and gentle and the next moment he could turn into a killing machine who'll kill anyone who stood in his way, saw it once and it reminded me lot of when I looked to my father, just without the enjoyment he often display when hunting. He... Helped me understand though, what revenge only brings, emptiness, he assisted me in finding the very man who lead the attack on my home settlement, killed my parents, my friends, neighbors, everyone I ever knew there, but all we found was a broken man who was drinking himself to death... He wanted me to kill him, wanted it all to end... I did his wish. After I killed him, the Wanderer grabbed me close, I didn't felt anything good that day, just... Emptiness, it was all over, they were all avenged yes but that was it though, nothing was felt. He asked me if I felt any good, I answered no, I didn't quite know what I was feeling that day. He only said "Good. Remember that feeling, seek justice John, not revenge, all vengeance does is just brings more harm then good." That day was last time I saw the Lone Wanderer, I had left for Point Lookout soon after. After I came back from that hellish place, I had learned the Lone Wanderer disappeared, he was just... Gone, no one knew where he went, he disappeared after the Battle of Adams Air Field base where the Enclave was finally defeated by the Brotherhood of Steel and by him. I asked everyone who knew him, his friends, his companions, the people he fought besides, even his two lovers, Sydney and Sarah Lyons... Yeah I know, don't ask me how he got himself lucky with those two, I still remember the yelling Sarah gave me when one of her squadmates caught me at the Battle of Project Purity. After some time, I guess I wanted to find him, wanted to know where he went. After I attained to Owyn Lyons funeral, say what you want about the BoS but he was a good man who try to help make the Capital Wasteland into a better place, he was the first step in helping turn their chapter into a different direction then the idiots here in the West Coast are doing. Anyway, I left the Capital Wasteland in trying to find the Lone Wanderer, I searched everywhere I could find where he could've have gone but I never found him, ended up going too far and ended up in the Midwest Wasteland, my travels and adventures ended up taking me to here, the Mojave Wasteland. I still don't know where he went, where Benjamin went but I believe his still out there somewhere, wandering the Wasteland as he has always done. I don't know when or how but I'll find him one day." John Walker explaining who the Lone Wanderer was to him.  
Colonial Cassandra Moore (New Vegas: Six)
Name: Cassandra Moore

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark Blond

Eyes: Indigo

Height: 5.11 ft

Bust: D Cup

Equipment: Service Rifle, Combat knife, 9mm Pistol.

Colonial Cassandra Moore of New Vegas: Six.
John Walker's suit
Name: John Walker

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Height: 6.7 ft

Eyes: ice blue

John Walker's suit, typical not a fan of dress suits as he feels exposed but he will wear them if needed. 
Tech Sergeant Reyes
Name: Reyes

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Hair: Bright Red

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5.6 ft

Bust: C Cup

Equipment: Service Rifle, Combat knife, NCR Trooper armor.

Tech Sergeant Reyes of New Vegas: Six.
Passed On from railtoonbronyfan3751.deviantar…

The "gay boy" you punched in the hall today, committed suicide a few minutes ago.
The girl you called a slut in class today, she's a virgin.
The boy you called lame, he has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day, she's already being abused at home.
That girl you called fat, she's starving herself.
The old man you made fun of because of the ugly scars, he fought for our country.
The boy you made fun of for crying, his mother is dying.

You think you know them. Well, guess what? You don't!
Re-post if you are against bullying. I bet 99% of you won't, but re-post if you're the 1% with a heart.


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Wade Nilsson
I'm from Canada, sorry not telling where I am there. I decide to join this website cause I love drawing and I have a few friends on here. So let's get cracking!


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