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Clan Lok

A ancient Mandalorian clan that dates back to end of the Mandalorian Wars. Members of Clan Lok are among some of Mandalore's best warriors, highly respected for their brave deeds in name of Mandalorians, some Mandalorians such as Janada Bralor refer them as 'certified badasses'. Despite having lost much of it's power and grace since Mandalore the Vindicated was killed during the war against Eternal Throne, the clan still greatly respected. Members of the clan are now heavily involved in mercenary work or Mandalorian Protector missions, however it is rumored the clan has been during work with Clan Skirata to hide Jedi from the Empire, whatever or not this is true is unknown. 

Battle cry: Cuun aru'es chaab cuun a'den!/Our enemies fear our wraith!"

Colors: Gold and Red/Green and Blue.

Strengths: Members of Clan Lok are among best warriors on Mandalore, their time in almost in every major war in galactic history has made them highly experienced in combat. They have also have reputation of being able endure pain that could almost rival Zabraks and for their cunning tactics, making them tough to kill. Despite now being only couple dozen, Lok has earned loyalties with several clans that would aid them if the time were come.

Home: Clan Lok were done what many Mandalorians thought impossible by making their home in one of the most dangerous lands on Mandalore, the desert lands of Tal'galar Rusur, the area hosts some of Mandalore's most dangerous of beasts, some even more dangerous then ones that live in the Werda Kurs, many had assumed Clan Lok would die less in month but they complete their task of taming large sector in the lands. Their fortress, the Aranar, while took many years of building under Mandalore the Vindicated, it has been build withstand against most dangerous beasts in the lands and against those who dare try face them in combat. With Lok's home being one of Mandalore's strongest fortress's and being in one of most dangerous lands on Mandalore, there has not been an attack against the clan since the Eternal Empire had attempted destroy them, only to have one of it's most bloodiest defeats in their history before they chose view it as waste of resources.

Notable Members: While not as large as they were during rule of Mandalore the Vindicated, members of the clan have been able earn reputations among their fellow Mandalorians.

Galon Lok: The current clan leader of Lok, Galon is experienced Mandalorian warrior who fought during Great Clan Wars and was among those to be called upon by Mand'alor Jango Fett to help train Clone army. Galon would train some of best the Grand Army had to offer, passing down Mandalorian traditions in each, earning good results once the war breaks out. While now too old to fight, Galon still serves as a drill sergeant and is among Mandalorian Elders, offering his advise help Mand'alor in times of war.

Ulick Lok: The son of two True Mandalorian commandos, Ulick Lok is among best Mandalorian mercenaries in Mandalore sector. Having trained along side the Clone army with his uncle, it would be no surprise as Ulick would join on Republic's side to fight alongside the Clones he saw as his brothers. However Ulick was heavily scared from his time in Clone Wars, having fought in one of it's worst battles against CIS allied Zyggerian slavers, where he would see some of the war's worst crimes being committed by the slavers. None the less, Ulick currently serves as squad leader of Cabur Squad, an elite Mandalorian mercenary team that gets hired to do the jobs that tend not get completed.

Jagh Shan-Lok: Jagh Shan, the wife of Ulick Lok, has earned herself quite a reputation among Mandalorian Protectors, her name has earned lot of raise brows as she is direct descendant of Grand Master Satele Shan. Despite the rumors of her being a former Jedi Knight, Imperials have made no move against her as it would cause more tensions with the Clans of Keldable, along with no proof of this matter. She currently serves as a Rally Master among Mandalorian Protectors, using her skills help during Protector missions.

Joshua Lok: The eldest son of Jagh Shan and Ulikc Lok, Joshua has become one of youngest Mandalorian Field Marshalls serve in the Supercommandos, being responsible for their intelligence and scouting operations and like the other Field Marshals, he is expected to lead troops into battle, one he has no problems doing. But it is no secret that he has a tension rivalry with fellow Field Marshal Sola Kelborn, while they try remain civil and not allow it get in way of battle, it hasn't stop their point of views and tactics from butting each other. 

Ancillary Clans: Thanks to Clan Lok's years of battle and their service to the Mandalorian culture, many of smaller clans have pledge their support to the highly skilled clan. While not as large as Shysa or Bralor, warriors from Lok can still tip tides of battle.

- Clans Jaha, Cadera, Ordo, Itera, Farr, Vizla, Mnhal, and several others have all pledge their support to the Clan.
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Sir-Saboteur Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
Nicely done, this is and excellent start to the beginning of something great. It'd be cool if you'd delve into Clan Lok's history and culture to give it more background and the realism that goes with it too.
Canderou Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
Thank you. You may see it in White Snow by Vhetin1138 or my story Tales of Cabur Squad.
Sir-Saboteur Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016
I saw that, have you considered going even further in depth though?
Canderou Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016
Depends which subject you mean?
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