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Lily Tourette
Name: Lily Tourette

Age: 23

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Home: Commonwealth

Faction: Raiders (Formerly), Minutemen.

Biography: Lily Tourette was daughter of Raider Boss Marcus Tourette while her mother was a trader whom was captured by her Raider group. Lily alongside her half sister Red were both force to do everything they could to survive as living with Raiders was not something for kids. Harsh and ruthless as their father was, he did care for his daughters in his own way, left then lessons to know about surviving. But all that changed when Marcus and many of his Raiders were killed in attack made by the Gunners, in the mist of the battle Lily and Red escaped the camp, now on their own. Eventually when two form their own Raider gang, but they didn't really raided settlers or settlements, they decided they would take only what they need and do what's needed to survive, but their luck changed when they discovered the Federal Stockpile, it had everything they needed, but they soon learn they were gonna have to fight for it as groups like Tower Tom or Jared began raids on their base. Lily was unfortunately captured in one attack made Tower Tom, she was taken to Brewery building Tom used his base, she was chained to floor of his room.... The things he did to her haunt her, it makes her sick whenever she thought back to it. Finally her chance of freedom came when the Minutemen lead by the General and her sister Red came storming to the base, killing any of Tower's enemies, she was found by Travis whom was horrified by her current state, she was shock watch a madden Travis beat the living hell out of Tom before some Minutemen were force pull him off him. Thankfully Wade Nilsson who was there gave her chance of justice and Lily kills Tom with Wade's sword. After that Lily spend weeks in medication and being assisted by the now Synth Curie, Travis even payed her visits whenever he could, the two develop a close relationship as they got no each other and she enjoy listening him on the Diamond City, Red often wonder if the two were gonna get together because of this. Finally after being helped Lily joined Minutemen Corsirs lead by Red, the two becoming apart of something that will change rest of their lives. After the war with Institute Lily and Travis got together and two are currently living in Diamond City now.

Personality: Lily Tourette stood out among other Raiders. While her sister was harsh and brutal, she was kind and filled with compassion, she was typical the one give better morale around as many Raiders serving under Red felt very loyal to her just much as they were to her. But the events following what happen with Tom left her scared, dealing with many issues in her mind, if it weren't for her sister Red or Travis she would have likely lost site of herself, she was glad put that bastard Tom to hell. She was noted for joking to lighten spirits, proving be successful.

Equipment: Raider leathers, metal armor. Handmade assault rifle, two pipe pistols, short sword.

Skin tone: Dark

Hairstyle: Curly long

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Indigo

Height: 5.6 foot tall

Weight: 180 pounds

Bust: C Cup

Body Type: Curvy shape

Tattoos/Scars: Has scars on her arms, chest, and back from the things Tower Tom did to her, each reminding her of the incident. Has tattoo on her right eye of red swirls.
General Artemis Bennett
Name: Artemis Bennett

Age: 30

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Home: Texas

Faction: US Infantry (Formerly), Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel (Formerly), Railroad (Formerly), Nuka World Raiders (Formerly), Institute (Formerly), Atom Cats, Salem Militia Army.

Biography: Artemis was born and raised on a farm in Texas, growing up in a army family whose been service since the days of the American Civil War, always chosing the side that fought for freedom and justice. Naturally she wanted continue this line but her mother who was married into family wanted her do more 'appropriate' women's work as she put it, something that always caused fights. So she came up with a plan, she did Law School in her younger days after graduation and soon as she complete things she joined the army during the war against China, finally getting her way. But of course the war took its toll on her as she seen many of her friends killed and much of war crimes left on the battlefield. But it was during the Battle of Ancourage did she become one of the very best snipers within the military, her marksmanship become so good she was often known as "Bullseye." The one person you're want on the job. Finally after the battle was over and the Chinese had finally been push back, Artemis would get into a relationship with US combat medic Nate Michael she met during the war, the two would get married couple months later after she learned she was pregnant. She finally thought things were gonna be great for her family after they move into Sanctuary... That is until the bombs fell, being frozen in cryogenic in Vault 111... Watching her husband murdered before her eyes. All that was left was a vengeful mother in its wake, but she never lost site of her actions, no matter what she could not ignore what has happen to the Commonwealth and the people in it. She become the leader of the Minutemen after helping now Colonial Preston Garvey, she quickly brought many military command structure, tactics, training, all things keep them going, even bringing new equipment thanks to her connections. But when chasing down Kellogg, the very same man who murder her husband, she ends up meeting group of people while tracking down the path with Nick Valentine and Dogmeat. One man in particular would change rest of her life... Wade Nilsson. She didn't know he chose help her track down her son, but it didn't matter as she wasn't gonna turn down up, proven be smart move as Kellogg proven be one of her most dangerous foes in her life, showing how he was able survive for so many years, Wade assistance proven be very helpful. But it wasn't bad enough she learned her son was in the Institute hands, but now she found herself getting involve in politics between various groups. The Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel, she thankfully had friends who help her and Wade and his friends stuck around, becoming apart of her group of friends. As she continue work with Wade, she couldn't help but felt a connection to the young man, for all things his been through in his life, being another Wasteland Hero like she was now help too. Still she did her very best keep the peace between the Railroad and BoS, wasn't easy since she was a member of both groups now and due to very different ideals. Thankfully Wade's past history with Elder Maxson made things little easily in their talks, Desdemona however was little more difficult as she was very stubborn and becoming little zealous in her ideals. But then it came all crashing down on her when... She finally found her son, finding Virgil, killing a Courser, getting the blue prints for a teleporter, appearing at the Institute with Wade to support her, finding what she assume was her son... Only learn this boy was a Synth and the old man that appear before her... Was Shaun. She saw the wonders and technology the Institute could do yes... But she seen its crimes, the horrors they left on Wasteland, the many innocent lives claimed for their own sake, Wade made it very clear of his own distaste for the group but also lend her support, knowing full well she was breaking down. She continue spy on the Institute for little bit, giving Intel to the factions, finally getting Elder Maxson and Desdemona to agree to a treaty, but she finally couldn't do it anymore after Battle of Mass Fusion Building, being banished from Institute, hearing the hate in her son's voice, defending the Castle against them, coming to Diamond City's aid after Institute lays a assault on it, she just couldn't do it anymore. She set out help Nick on a case, wanting get away from Commonwealth for good while. Too bad it only ended up landing her in another shitstorm on Far Harbor with three warning factions. The Children of Atom. Acadia. The people of Far Harbor. But she had help, Nick always being that true friend, Old Longfellow becoming something a grandfather figure, Dogmeat every loyal to her, and Wade... Ever being close to her, lending a hand. Finally their relationship become romantic after they finally brought peace to the island, sharing the night together in Far Harbor. But now they needed back on Commonwealth, she brought the factions together make one assault on the Institute, Sturges, Tinker Tom, and Proctor Ingram being able find a way in through a sewerage way the Institute uses. After fighting their way through all Institute threw at them, evacuating any civilians out, liberating useful technology, she finally came to the Director's office... Finding her dying son in bed. She.. Try make him see, why the Institute needs be stop, why they can't continue do the things they have done, but she... She saw it wasn't getting through him, still she was able get him at least give her codes to give evacuation alert for anyone the Allies missed and shutting down any Gen 1-2 Synths, she then does what no mother should every do... She ended her son's pain, saying goodbye. She teleports out of Institute with rest of the force with Wade, her Synth son now in the Castle. With Elder Maxson, Desdemona, Preston Garvey, her lover Wade, standing by her... She actives the bomb and destroys the Institute. She spend most of day with her friends and Wade, finding comfort in the people she helped in her journey, bringing a new age of peace to the Commonwealth. She left BoS and the Railroad after dealing with the Nuka World raiders, continuing her duties as the General with Wade by her side, he was adjusting well being Shaun's stepfather more or less, she hoped now she can find happiness in this new world she's found herself in...

Personality: Artemis has always been described something of a tomboy, not necessarily lady like in someways. But she's highly intelligent, strong, a natural born leader, and most importantly charismatic. Her strong ideals of Justice, freedom, and independent allow her carve a new way for the Commonwealth and Minutemen. But she's often found herself at odds of the sorrows she's been force deal with, praying to the Lord every night for her friends she's lost and to Nate and Shaun. She's been noted for being bold and flirtful since getting into relationship with Wade, teasing him whenever she could.

Equipment: Minutemen General's uniform, sturdy combat leg guards. Kellogg's pistol, Deliverer, Sniper Rifle, Shem Drowne Sword.

Skin tone: Tan

Hairstyle: Left side shaved while other kept long.

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Light green eyes

Height: 6.4 foot tall

Weight: 200 pounds

Bust: Firm D Cup

Body Type: Heavily build curvy shape from years of training.

Tattoos/Scars: Has scars on her back, chest, arms, from bullets, stings, or bite marks from all the creatures she's encountered in Commonwealth. Has tattoo on her back of a heart and baby in it holding words "Forgive me Shaun".
Mirdala Dha
Name: Mirdala Dha

Age: 25

Species: Taung

Gender: Female

Homeworld: Mandalore

Faction: Mandalorians (Mandalore the Preserver)

Clan: Clan Dha

Biography: Mirdala grew up of Clan Dha on Mandalore within harsh jungles of the world, quickly learning how to survive under teachings of her parents and the experience Mandalorian Warriors. Mirdala at young age of 14 would join the Neo Crusaders in hopes of Honor and Glory, wishing do her clan proud. But as she fought against many the challenges that present themselves to the Mandalorians, she found herself at odds with Mandalorian Warriors who display great dishonourable traits, the most notable being Xor Priest, it become a concerning for her as she started seeing more. None the less she continue loyally to Mandalore the Ultimate, even earning herself rank of Rally Master after defeating two Jedi at Battle of Taris. But as the final battle began in Malachor Five, tragic struck Mirdala as she was force watch as the planet destroy itself... Her entire clan were on the planet were thousands of Republic and Mandalorians were killed, she was the last of Clan Dha. After the war ended she wander aimlessly, losing her purpose with death of her clan and being one of the very few remaining Taungs alive, she eventually took up mercenary work and hunted slavers for a living, chosen stay out of the Jedi Civil War. But once Mandalore the Preserver recall the clans to Dxun, she was among those to answer the call. Now she continue serves as one of the very best Rally Masters the Mandalorians have to offer on the planet.

Personality: Living her life by the Mandalorian code, Mirdala is described as a harsh, harden, but fair woman who is willing place her life on the line for her people. She grew have a strong hatred towards slavery after seeing much of rather disgusting actions made by Clan Priest, thus spending much of her free time hunting slavers whenever she could without mercy. As true to her name, she would always find the cleverest ways get out of tough situations, always thinking ahead for whatever may happen.

Equipment: Mandalorian Assault Armor, Beskad, Mandalorian Heavy pistol, Mandalorian assault rifle, thermal detenators.

Skin tone: Pale white

Hairstyle: Long braided hair

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Glowing yellow eyes

Height: 6.7 foot tall

Weight: 367 pounds

Bust: Firm D Cup

Body Type: Heavily build hourglass shape from years of training.

Tattoos/Scars: Has scar down her throat from a lightsaber slice that nearly killed her. Has tattoo of Mandalorians on her back.
The Courier
Name: Wade Nilsson (The Courier)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Equipment: Elite Riot Armor, Rising Sun, Howaitodoragonfangu-yō, That Gun, Mysterious Magnum, Survivalist's Rifle. Pulse grenades, plasma grenades, drag grenades.

Affirmations: Courier's Express, NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, the Kings, Followers of the Apocalypse, Mr. House(Formerly), Chairman, White Glove Society, Crimson Caravan Company(Formerly), Happy Trails Caravan Company, Enclave Remnants, Minutemen.

Quote: "I am the punishment of God, if you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent punishment like me upon you."

Wade Nilsson or better known as the Courier is a living legend in the Wastelands, from the East Coast to the West Coast his deeds have been felt across the Wastelands. As a young boy he grew up in the Capital Wasteland as youngest son of former Desert Ranger Michael Nilsson and Regular Jess Mitch, as such he quickly learn how to survive the harsh lessons thanks to teachings of his parents. But at age of 13 his home was attacked by Talon Company mercenaries hired by Tenpenny, wanting them all killed for his parents role in reducing his slave trade.

Try as they may the settlement was overwhelmed by the large number of Talon mercenaries, Wade was force watch many of his friends murder before his eyes and that of his parents, only him and his older sister Jade, survived the slaughter, leaving the two alone survive the Capital Wasteland. For mouths they were force loot, scavenge, and survive in the harsh wasteland, leaving many harsh lessons on the young boy. But everything changed when scavenging in ruins of DC they ran into Talon Company mercenaries, they had them corned in a alley way.

Wade thought he was gonna die, he closed his eyes as he hugs his sister as they both await death, but then out of no way bullets hit the mercs and sounds of bones breaking and flesh slashed. When Wade opened his eyes, greeting him and his sister was the legendary Lone Wanderer, he was awe struck by the Wasteland Hero. The Lone Wanderer and his companions helped them both get settle in Megaton, he helped them get a new home. Every since then Wade has become inspired by the Lone Wanderer, listening to GNR whenever he could, admiring the man's brave deeds on the Capital Wasteland.

But then came the Enclave, once the tension finally broke out in Jefferson Memorial between BoS and the Enclave, Megaton was among the settlements join in the fight against the Enclave. Wade and his sister Jade hid among caravan groups that join in fight. When the battle finally started the two sprung to action. They used their marksmanship skills to sniper enemy soldiers, helping save couple lives. But it wasn't until after fighting outside the building stopped did they got caught by Kodiak of Lyons Pride.

The yelling Sentinel Sarah Lyons gave them was Wade's lesson on how scary women can truly be. Sarah then gave them very strict orders to help guard Doctor Li as she help work on the machines for Project Purity much to the Doctor's dislike. Still though Wade was truly scared when he learned of Lone Wanderer's condition after he active Project Purity, he worried for his hero's wellbeing.

Still though as the war with the Enclave begun and Jade chosing join the Brotherhood, Wade decided go off adventuring in the Capital Wasteland, wanting to see what made the Lone Wanderer who he was. Still even with the Brotherhood of Steel and the settlements banding together to build a new future, the Capital Wasteland was still very dangerous, Wade was scared by some of locations he visited at a young age.

But the true challenges present themselves to Wade was when he left to travel to Point Lookout despite the warnings made by the Ghoul bodyguard of Lone Wanderer, Charon, of the evil that await at place like Point Lookout. By the time Wade arrived to the island by boat, he truly now understood what Charon meant. Everything was against Wade the moment he set foot on the Island, the waters, the forest, the swamps, the very air, everything on the Island was against him. But the true evil that was on the Island reveal itself when he explorer the old Blackhall manor where the Lone Wanderer, Charon, Dogmeat, Sydney, and Jericho killed Obadiah Blackhall for his evil deeds.

Wade encounter... Some kind of creature that hid itself in the darkness, he never saw what it truly looked like and he never wants to, he only ever saw it's terrible yellow eyes from the darkness. He ran from the Manor far as away he could from the creature but it never stopped stalking him, it hunted him through the words, it's terrible voice still ringing in his ears as he hid whenever it could. It eventually starting preying on others too, wasn't long before Wade and the survivors were force band together in order to survive, in order to distract it they lit the forest on fire, it was the fire season so it made things easy for everything to burn, they quickly made their way out to the docks as the forest lit on fire. But as they near the boat, the creature made one last move on them and it nearly grabbed Wade, only leaving a horrid scar on his back to remember it by.

It felt as if he was on fire, he was in pain for the whole way trip back to the Capital Wasteland, he spend days in the Citadel in healing. He was happy to know the Lone Wanderer was back in action and so was Wanderer's lover, Sarah Lyons, he was disappointed he didn't got see them while there as they were busy fighting the Enclave. But while there Wade met the last living member of the Maxson family, Arthur Maxson. The two become quick friends, Arthur would come by visit him as he healed from the adventure in Point Lookout, he was quite horrified to hear about the creature that attacked Wade in Point Lookout. Wade in return gave Arthur new things think about, things while not Brotherhood, were something he took into account. By the time Wade finally healed and was ready go back on his adventures, he and Arthur parted as friends with each learned new lessons.

Finally Wade's travels took him to the Pitt, the cursed hellhole that was home to many Raiders and a horrid disease that plague the people there. Even after the Lone Wanderer helped stop much of evil done there and help a cure form there along with bringing the Brotherhood of Steel to the location, it was still a hellhole. Wade ended up discovering a plot while there, formed by a Raider known as Yoaguai who would become his one true enemy. He stopped Yaoguai from releasing Trogs into the Capital Wasteland, he thought at first he killed Yaoguai when he set his face on fire and kicked him down to large group of Trogs. But even after finishing his adventures in the Capital Wasteland, he still felt a need to wander.

Wade after meeting up with his hero for the last time, listening to his stories of his adventures and his past, seeing him leave the Capital Wasteland with those who called the Wanderer friend or lover in case of Sarah Lyons and Sydney, Wade decided it was his time too to go out adventuring. Of course his sister Jade didn't want him go but in the end he was able eventually agree, Wade said his goodbyes to those he called friends and set out of the Capital Wasteland just as the Lone Wanderer did and sought out to what adventures the World had to offer.

Taking a heavy upgraded motorcycle from the Mothership Zeta, he traveled to place to place, city to city, Wasteland to Wasteland. He did few jobs here and there but the one that stuck him was his job as a Courier, he didn't know what it was but something about being a Courier felt right about it. As he came to the West Coast, he eventually learned there was more then one Wasteland Hero out there then just the Lone Wanderer, he met the Chosen One while delivering a message to him, he learned his story, listen to what the Chosen One had to say about his adventures and to what he knew about his grandfather, the Vault Dweller. 

This eventually set him down on a road to learn more about this Vault Dweller but he could only find so much as it happened over 100 years ago. He was able learn the more important details, saving the world from the Master, helping found the NCR, and few others, he did found some clues that the Vault Dweller travel to Carbon up in Texas Wasteland but nothing from there. After that he decide travel to the Mojave Wasteland, he had become very concerned about this up coming war between the Legion and the NCR, after having seen how dangerous the Legion were in Denver and Two Sun he was more then willing lend the NCR a helping hand but was also aware of their own problems too.

But all that changed when he took a job in Mojave Express to deliever a chip to Mr. House of New Vegas. He was ambushed by the Great Khans, despite putting up a great fight and killing several of them, he was caught off guard when a flash grenade hit him, knocking him out. He awoke to find himself on his knees and tiled up, finding a middle age man in a stupid checker outfit, saying "Sorry Kid but the game was rigged from the start" before everything went blank after a bang. 

From there he lost his memories who he was, being healed by Goodsprings Doctor, Mitchell, he still found himself not remembering who he was. He took up the name the Courier from there, despite not remembering who he was, he would get flashes of his past, knowing how to fight, how survive, his skills, were not things that were forgotten. He would end up becoming a living legend in the Mojave, becoming The Courier, a man who would make the impossible possible, bringing great deeds to the Wasteland and giving back hope to the people. He would even recruit others on his adventures.

The Enclave eyebot ED-E, the beautiful drunken Cowgirl Cass, the mental scared NCR sniper Craig Boone, the Ghoul gunslinger Raul Tejada, the young beautiful Brotherhood Scribe Veronica Santangelo, the Follower doctor Arcade Gannon, the cyborg dogs Rex and Roxie, the Nightkin grandmother Lily Bowen, Tribal scout Follows Chalk, and Betsy the Brahamin. Together all of them helped saved the Mojave Wasteland from Caesar's Legion at Battle of Hoover Dam, bringing the NCR back on it's feet and under new leadership, the Brotherhood gaining new leadership under the now Elder Veronica Santangelo, the Mojave Wasteland becoming much more safer thanks to all of them. Wade finally regained his memories during his adventure in the Divide where he encounter Ulysses, the original Courier Six. He was... In horror to see that the Divide ruins was because of him and that he released a new found threat that is the Tunnelers. He and Ulysses would fight together under a world flag against the Ghouls of Legion and NCR soldiers before stopping bombs from hitting West and East, saving many lives.

But after all he had been through... Wade's thought drifted back to the East Coast, wondering what has happen to his home. Finally after destroying the Tunneler threat after killing their Queen, unleashing a bio weapon on the horrid creatures to bring an end to their threat, Wade took off to the East Coast but this time he was not alone. While many of his friends went their own ways after Hoover Dam. Boone rejoined First Recon after being helped by Wade face his demons, Raul was once again inspire by the Courier to take up arms and become the Ghost V
aquero and hunted down those who prey on the weak, Arcade would become a teacher back in the NCR, Lily travel up West to seek out her past, Rex returned to the King and lived rest of his days in Freeside with Roxie and their puppies, Follows Chalk decided return to his family to tell them all of his adventures from outside world, Betsy died during the Battle of Hoover Dam, saving Wade's life from his battle with Legate Lanius, but there were those who stay with Wade.

Cass owing a great lot to him chose stick around, she wasn't about leave her friend anytime soon, ED-E the eyebot ever loyal chose also stay with him, and now following was one of puppies of Rex's and Roxie's litter whom Wade called Arc. They all travel back to the East Coast, seeing old and new things on the way. But then Wade heard concerning news regarding the Commonwealth, the one place he hadn't visit in the East Coast, his interest quickly grew when he heard of a new Wasteland Hero there known only as the Sole Survivor.

It was time for a whole new adventure once again....
Passed On from railtoonbronyfan3751.deviantar…

The "gay boy" you punched in the hall today, committed suicide a few minutes ago.
The girl you called a slut in class today, she's a virgin.
The boy you called lame, he has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day, she's already being abused at home.
That girl you called fat, she's starving herself.
The old man you made fun of because of the ugly scars, he fought for our country.
The boy you made fun of for crying, his mother is dying.

You think you know them. Well, guess what? You don't!
Re-post if you are against bullying. I bet 99% of you won't, but re-post if you're the 1% with a heart.


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