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The Nite Owls by Canderou
The Nite Owls
While most members of the Death Watch chose to once again fight against current Mand'alor, some chose join him in believing Mandalore the Freedom will make Mandalore stronger or out of tradition.

Lead by the former Lieutenant of Death Watch Bo Katan, the Nite Owls become an elite group of Mandalorian jetpack fighters who fought alongside OAG and Galactic Republic soldiers, acting as elite shocktroopers. However the Nite Owls often gotten some remarks from other Mandalorians for their past alignations with the hated Death Watch, still there is no question that their skills have helped save lives. A fact pointed out by Mandalore the Freedom himself.
The Courier confronts the Monster of the East by Canderou
The Courier confronts the Monster of the East
"Let's do this Lanius." Wade Nilsson confronting Legate Lanius, the Monster of the East.
Return of the Mandalorian Supercommandos by Canderou
Return of the Mandalorian Supercommandos
As the Clone Wars continue, the Death Watch began become a problem during the war as they began act as elite shocktroopers for the CIS, bringing many victories for the CIS against the Republic and their allies, using their ruthless tactics and skills in battle.

In order counter this, Mandalore the Freedom had decide bring back an old enemy of the Death Watch... The Mandalorian Supercommandos. Recruited from highly trained Mandalorian soldiers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters, they had become the very ideal of a Mandalorian Commando that was feared on the battlefield. Once deployed on the battlefield, things began change. As if to add the insult to the Death Watch, Mandalore the Freedom had their armor base on Neo Crusaders from the Mandalorian Wars.

The Supercommandos since then have become both a respected and feared force in the Clone Wars....
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The Mandalorian Protectors by Canderou
The Mandalorian Protectors
During the Clone Wars and rise of Mandalore the Freedom. The rogue ARC Trooper Spar answered Mand'alor's call and helped reform a large group of New Mandalorian Police and others into a elite Mandalorian shock trooper force in the image of True Mandalorians, the Mandalorian Protectors. While Spar hated the Jedi and disliked the Republic, he remained loyal to Mandalore the Freedom during the war and even help assisted OAG forces against their own enemies, becoming a respected force by them.
Government Type: Internationalism 

Number of Territories: Mojave Wasteland, Zion Canyon, New Cannan, Big Empty, and Utah.

Motto: United We Stand! United We Stand! Divided We Fall! Divided We Fall!

Capital: Mojave Wasteland.

Native species: Humans, Super Mutants, and Ghouls.

Factions: Boomers, Followers of the Apocalypse, The Kings, Westside, The Three Families, Mojave Brotherhood of Steel, Dead Horses, the Sorrows, New Canaanites, Enclave Remnants, and Super Mutants of Jacob's Town.

Symbol: Green Maple Leaf.

Allies: NCR, Midwest Republic, Great Khan Empire, Railroad, and some chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel. 

Enemies: Raider tribes, Caesar Legion, Institute, Slaver groups, and hostile Super Mutant groups.

Military: MUA armed forces. Brotherhood of Steel. The Spectres. The Tribals. Boomers. MUA Marines. MUA Air Force. Devil's Brigade. Securitrons. Standing army within thousand and still recruiting. 

History: The Mojave United Alliance was formed in the aftermath of Battle of Hoover Dam after various of factions were united by the Wasteland hero known as the Courier, these factions with the NCR help drive back the Legion from Hoover Dam. Despite some tension talks with the NCR, the Courier was able form a new faction in the Mojave Wasteland thanks to advance tech left by Robert House and that of Big Empty, she was able control of Mojave with help of other factions and her friends. While it took some time get things sorted out with the factions and agreements be made, the factions finally came to agreement. Using forms of Internationalism form records of Pre War, they help become a stable force in Wasteland that is interested in bringing peace to Wastelands. While the road has been hard, disagreements with the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel, even a small civil war with the Mojave chapter when Head Paladin Hardin started a small coup against Elder Renata Santangelo and her new ideals. Hardin leading half of Brotherhood of Steel chapter attempted take HELOUS One from the NCR and MUA control, forcing BoS soldiers under Veronica fight against them in combat.

Thankfully with allied force of factions, Hardin's coup was put down and he was killed in battle personally by Veronica Santangelo. Within two years after it's formation the MUA has become one of most powerful factions in Wasteland with it's hands of advance tech and various of allies, even helping end the war between the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR, Courier Six having get their acts together and making them realize they were getting no where with the war and under NCR's new President, Danny Phamtom, peace was brought to two factions and work is being done to restore the damage.

However something interesting happened when runaway Synths from the Commonwealth started coming to the MUA, there was heavy arugment regarding what to do with these Synths, mostly from the Brotherhood of Steel. But it was eventually agreed that Synths were welcome so longest they had no hostile intents and were given work for their advance skills, proving be very useful to them. But eventually the Institute lead by a man name Doctor Kana came down their doorstep with five Coursers and dozen Synth soldiers.

Members of the MUA Council and Doctor Kana spend days fighting regarding the Synths, many were disgusted by Institute treatment of Synths and Brotherhood were very vocal of dangers using these Synths. Eventually it become violent once Doctor Kana had enough and decide try take them by force, the Synths lead by Kana began attacking everyone in site within the MUA Capital, killing many civilians. This only resulted in enraging the MUA, the right hand man of Courier, Joshua Graham, would show Doctor Kana true fear when he personally killed two Coursers with nothing but his pistol and his barehands. John Watsman, the top agent and scout of MUA, would personally kill a high ranking Courser known as Hercules, one of his toughest fights but none less was able kill him.

Ever since this violent attack by the Institute they have been seen as a enemy of people of MUA along with their allies. But their focus was on war with Caesar Legion now lead by Legate Lanius, even when it has lost some of it's edge, the Legion has become more ruthless then ever before under ironfist of Lanius and the war still rages on. But now four years since it's founding, something has been in the Commonwealth that has been gaining the Courier's interest now with the Brotherhood of Steel chapter lead by Arthur Maxson has moved his forces there, now with John Watsman now present in the Commonwealth.

It was time for Institute get a wake call....

Leadership: The MUA is lead by a Council of representatives of each faction in MUA, head of this Council is the Courier, her right hand man being the former Malpais Legate Joshua Graham and Followers Doctor Arcade Gannon. Each members of Council discuss and decide on course the MUA takes, major choices such as in times of war can be fully agreed when each member of Council or the major of Council all agree. Such as the use of Archimedes II, the use of it is only when it is truly needed and has only been used once in it's war with Caesar Legion. 


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Wade Nilsson
I'm from Canada, sorry not telling where I am there. I decide to join this website cause I love drawing and I have a few friends on here. So let's get cracking!

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