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Dianna Miranda
Name: Dianna Miranda

Age: 29

Species: Human

Equipment: Enclave MK 2 Power Armor, Skin tight bodysuit. Plasma rifle, combat knife, couple plasma grenades, one Plasma Defender.

Gender: Female

Dianna Miranda had once been a Enclave soldier who fought in the war against free people of Capital Wasteland. Dianna once believed her group was doing humanity's good, having been born into it, but to her horror she saw this was wrong.

She was there at the memorial where Project Purity was held, she witness her commanding officer killing a unarmed woman without mercy, watching as Lone Wanderer saw his father die right in front of him. Doubts soon came on her mind and it would only become worst as Enclave made their moves against settlements.

She was force watch as her fellow soldiers destroy lives, kill innocent people, it soon become too much for her. After the Enclave's defeat at Adam's Airforce Base, Dianna left the Enclave, retreating from the Capital Wasteland.

Dianna traveled place to place, not sure what she will do now having blood of innocents on her hand in her role in the Enclave. Eventually she came to Alaska after long years on the road, she was disgusted by actions of the Alaskan Chapter of Brotherhood of Steel, reminding her heavily of the Enclave.

She decided this time she will not stand idle as this happens, she took up arms against the BoS. Her actions however did not go unnoticed, imagine her surprise when she rans into former Brotherhood Sentinel Sarah Lyons in a bar.

The two would have ended up fighting each other if it weren't for BoS coming knocking down on the bar, searching for the two. It forced them work together.

Every since then Dianna has been following what Sarah would be known as the Valkryie. Despite being former enemies, Sarah ended up helping her came terms with her past actions with Enclave, it didn't ease the memories but it did ease the pain.

Dianna was proud to had been there when the Cause drove through Ancourage, stopping the Children of Atom from unleashing nukes onto the world again, but they lost lot of good men and women to hundreds of Ferals that infested the location.

Still it help brought back sense of hope, knowing she can now help protect this new nation and bring back hope to the people.

Dianna though often try encourage Sarah Lyons try find the Lone Wanderer, to let him know she was alive. Thankfully they not need too as MUA and QUF commandos came for them, wanting confirm reports made by travelers.

It would appear she was about get drag into another adventure...
Hana Inzula
Name: Hana Inzula

Gender: Female

Species: Lyican

Age: 30

Equipment: Red heavy Mercenary armor, combat shotgun and upgraded Chinese assault rifle, two combat knifes.

Affiliations: Crimson Caravan Company, Happy Trails Caravan.

Hana Inzula was once a tribal warrior for the Lyican people of Southern Canada, a people originally from Vault 190, one of secret Vaults that was posted in Canada before the war. The Vault was design create new soldiers by mixing DNA with that of Wolves, in hopes of creating new super soldiers.

But of course it was mix resulted as some gained appearance of a actual Werewolf while others only presenting few Wolf traits.

Hana herself wanted life of adventure, thus she travel out of the Vault, seeking what was left of the world. She took up mercenary work, finding good money in it, she travel across the Wastelands until finally coming to the Hub in America, wanting see new things. She use to work for the Crimson Caravan Company but found them too uptight and corrupted for her liking and cut ties.

But it would be there that she would meet the Wasteland Hero of the Midwest, John Watsman. John and his friend Sara'la would end up getting caught in a plot by the Van Graffs to control the Hub, thanks to Hana after dragging them into it.

For next mouth they ended up having fight against the Van Graffs, having deal with their mercenaries and hit men as they destroy their operations in the Hub. Eventually got other fair trading groups in the Hub stand up against them and they were thankfully drove them out.

But in her time with John, Hana grew close to him, feeling a connection with the young hero despite their age gap. Eventually their feelings took each other and they slept together, sharing a night of passion.

But Hana knew John was a Wanderer at heart, she knew John would want stay with her, she didn't want take that away from him. It took lot of convincing but eventually John accepted but he still left her lot of caps help get her a new life.

What John did not realized was few months later.... Hana gave birth to his son, Adam Watsman. Hana was heart broken that John did not know he had a son but she accepted at the least John was out there making the world a better place.

She become a Caravan guard for Happy Trails, wanting more honest living. She would tell stories to Adam about his father, how he was a hero who saved the Midwest from the horrors that lived there, she was always happy see smile on her son's face when he listen to these stories.

After the formation of MUA and Adam becoming seven years old. Hana was given new job of bringing Happy Trails to the Commonwealth, hoping try build new connections there. Hana accepted and brought her son with her, not wanting leave him behind.

But of course this will only sent chain of events to happen as John Watsman was also there in the Commonwealth...
The Naast Platoon
During the Clone Wars, Mandalore the Freedom decided to do something with the Clone Troopers he help trained during his time as a Cuy'val Dar trainer. He was able have most of the general Clone Troopers who trained him to served under his leadership during the war, for the Commandos he trained he formed a new platoon. These Commandos would answer directly to him and those he considers trustful, Mand'alor would have these units work in pair of 5 in missions but in some cases have another squad in just like how other Clone Commando teams worked.

The Naast Platoon would continue serve in the Clone Wars under leadership of Mand'alor and few Jedi Generals that Mand'alor trusted, however some Clone Troopers like that of 212th were slightly angered by their distrust in the Republic but even so, they served loyalty until Order 66 when members choose not follow the order and even assist OAG and other Rogue Clone Troopers in making sure their Jedi Generals survived.
Mayor Betty Priest
Name: Betty Priest

Age: 32

Race: Mexican

Equipment: Wazer Rifle, Revolutionary Sword, few drag grenades, one 45. Pistol.

Affiliated: Minutemen, Diamond City.

Quote: "I am not asking all of you much, I only ask the people of Diamond City to chose the leader that is gonna try make things better. We all suffer under hands of that fatass Mcdonough, kept weaken as families were rip apart by the Institute. We had the upper class spending their time doing their own thing, becoming lazy, arrogant, wasting what could help others. So people what am trying say... Don't pick someone whose gonna just waste everyone's time here, if you do pick me I swear I won't just promise but I will get what we all need done. Thank you for your time." Betty in her speech to become Mayor of Diamond City.

Once a Minutemen for most of her life, Betty once served under Major Khan Wasp, one of few Minutemen who kept true to their cause. But much like unfortunately like Colonial Hollis, they suffer under a similar event.

Khan's group was called in to help defend a merchant group, Jim Miller, were attacked by Raiders, the Rust Devils. They were caught off by the advance technology and robots. Try as they may, they suffer heavy loses. It was until Khan decided him and rest of his squad were to hold Rust Devils off while the merchants were to escape, a fact Jim has never forgotten.

Betty was only survivor, while she avenged her friends, she was left a hollow shell after that, losing her comrades. She drop out of contact from her own remaining family, her younger sister Isabet Priest, she came to Diamond City and drank herself in sorrow.

While she had been temper to rejoin the Minutemen under General Lily, she felt she was no use anymore as depression hit her hard. But all that changed when a MUA Courier came into Diamond City, traveling with few others.

This Courier help kick back pride in her, remind her why she joined the Minutemen, how she was only going get better by facing her fears. She would not realize she had spoken to legendary Wasteland hero the Champion of Midwest, John Watsman, until weeks later.

In the awake of Mayor Mcdonough reveal as a Synth spy and being killed by Lily, Betty decided what to do then and ran for Mayor of Diamond City. The city wasn't perfect by means but it had come be her home and she be damn if she was gonna let that bitch Ann Codman or the crazy Moe Cronin become Mayor.
The Nite Owls
While most members of the Death Watch chose to once again fight against current Mand'alor, some chose join him in believing Mandalore the Freedom will make Mandalore stronger or out of tradition.

Lead by the former Lieutenant of Death Watch Bo Katan, the Nite Owls become an elite group of Mandalorian jetpack fighters who fought alongside OAG and Galactic Republic soldiers, acting as elite shocktroopers. However the Nite Owls often gotten some remarks from other Mandalorians for their past alignations with the hated Death Watch, still there is no question that their skills have helped save lives. A fact pointed out by Mandalore the Freedom himself.
Government Type: Internationalism 

Number of Territories: Mojave Wasteland, Zion Canyon, New Cannan, Big Empty, and Utah.

Motto: United We Stand! United We Stand! Divided We Fall! Divided We Fall!

Capital: Mojave Wasteland.

Native species: Humans, Super Mutants, and Ghouls.

Factions: Boomers, Followers of the Apocalypse, The Kings, Westside, The Three Families, Mojave Brotherhood of Steel, Dead Horses, the Sorrows, New Canaanites, Enclave Remnants, and Super Mutants of Jacob's Town.

Symbol: Green Maple Leaf.

Allies: NCR, Midwest Republic, Great Khan Empire, Railroad, and some chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel. 

Enemies: Raider tribes, Caesar Legion, Institute, Slaver groups, and hostile Super Mutant groups.

Military: MUA armed forces. Brotherhood of Steel. The Spectres. The Tribals. Boomers. MUA Marines. MUA Air Force. Devil's Brigade. Securitrons. Standing army within thousand and still recruiting. 

History: The Mojave United Alliance was formed in the aftermath of Battle of Hoover Dam after various of factions were united by the Wasteland hero known as the Courier, these factions with the NCR help drive back the Legion from Hoover Dam. Despite some tension talks with the NCR, the Courier was able form a new faction in the Mojave Wasteland thanks to advance tech left by Robert House and that of Big Empty, she was able control of Mojave with help of other factions and her friends. While it took some time get things sorted out with the factions and agreements be made, the factions finally came to agreement. Using forms of Internationalism form records of Pre War, they help become a stable force in Wasteland that is interested in bringing peace to Wastelands. While the road has been hard, disagreements with the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel, even a small civil war with the Mojave chapter when Head Paladin Hardin started a small coup against Elder Renata Santangelo and her new ideals. Hardin leading half of Brotherhood of Steel chapter attempted take HELOUS One from the NCR and MUA control, forcing BoS soldiers under Veronica fight against them in combat.

Thankfully with allied force of factions, Hardin's coup was put down and he was killed in battle personally by Veronica Santangelo. Within two years after it's formation the MUA has become one of most powerful factions in Wasteland with it's hands of advance tech and various of allies, even helping end the war between the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR, Courier Six having get their acts together and making them realize they were getting no where with the war and under NCR's new President, Danny Phamtom, peace was brought to two factions and work is being done to restore the damage.

However something interesting happened when runaway Synths from the Commonwealth started coming to the MUA, there was heavy arugment regarding what to do with these Synths, mostly from the Brotherhood of Steel. But it was eventually agreed that Synths were welcome so longest they had no hostile intents and were given work for their advance skills, proving be very useful to them. But eventually the Institute lead by a man name Doctor Kana came down their doorstep with five Coursers and dozen Synth soldiers.

Members of the MUA Council and Doctor Kana spend days fighting regarding the Synths, many were disgusted by Institute treatment of Synths and Brotherhood were very vocal of dangers using these Synths. Eventually it become violent once Doctor Kana had enough and decide try take them by force, the Synths lead by Kana began attacking everyone in site within the MUA Capital, killing many civilians. This only resulted in enraging the MUA, the right hand man of Courier, Joshua Graham, would show Doctor Kana true fear when he personally killed two Coursers with nothing but his pistol and his barehands. John Watsman, the top agent and scout of MUA, would personally kill a high ranking Courser known as Hercules, one of his toughest fights but none less was able kill him.

Ever since this violent attack by the Institute they have been seen as a enemy of people of MUA along with their allies. But their focus was on war with Caesar Legion now lead by Legate Lanius, even when it has lost some of it's edge, the Legion has become more ruthless then ever before under ironfist of Lanius and the war still rages on. But now four years since it's founding, something has been in the Commonwealth that has been gaining the Courier's interest now with the Brotherhood of Steel chapter lead by Arthur Maxson has moved his forces there, now with John Watsman now present in the Commonwealth.

It was time for Institute get a wake call....

Leadership: The MUA is lead by a Council of representatives of each faction in MUA, head of this Council is the Courier, her right hand man being the former Malpais Legate Joshua Graham and Followers Doctor Arcade Gannon. Each members of Council discuss and decide on course the MUA takes, major choices such as in times of war can be fully agreed when each member of Council or the major of Council all agree. Such as the use of Archimedes II, the use of it is only when it is truly needed and has only been used once in it's war with Caesar Legion. 


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