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Early Thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda
I, like many many other gamers worldwide, finally got early access to Mass Effect: Andromeda last night. As part of EA’s Play First early access program (for which I shelled out an extra $5 specifically to get early access to MEA) I was treated to ten hours of the main campaign. And like virtually everyone else who has put fingers to keyboards to take the newest Bioware adventure for a spin, I have some thoughts.
To make a long story short for my more impatient readers: I liked it, but I didn’t love it.
Now, it’s impossible to make an educated, accurate decision about the game based solely on the opening act. This is particularly unwise when dealing with Bioware games, as the company has historically not always put their best foot forward in the opening hours of their games. For evidence of this, look no further than KOTOR’s slog through Taris or Dragon Age: Inquisition’s seemingly endless trudge through the Hinterlands.
Personally, I
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The Clone Wars: Strength, Honor, Courage. Prologue
THE CLONE WARS: Strength, Honor, Courage
It was raining again.
Then again, it always rained on Kamino.
The armor-clad figure sighs, fingers tapping passively on the dome of the helm tucked under his left arm. He wasn’t sure why he was here, why Jango had asked for him to come, but Brajun Kegar believed that when the man who was recognized as the only one worthy of the title of Mand’alor calls, no Mandalorian should ignore that call.
Finally however, his patience was rewarded. The transparent door behind him slid open and Jango stepped out. Brajun straightened and met him half-way where they clasped arms before wordlessly entering the pristine white corridor behind Jango. Brajun broke the silence first, smiling faintly as he spoke, “So vod, what’s with the fanciful outfit? Don’t tell me you think it’s time to retire already.”
Jango chuckles at his comrade
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Commander Bow
Commander Bow, once one of the elite Commanding officers of the 501st Legion. But following the death of Commander Appo Commander Bow earned the trust and respect of Darth Vader for his years of service and loyalty to the Galactic Empire. He continues serves the Empire loyally with Daine Jir as his second.
House Ordo
Without a doubt one of the most famous of Mandalorian Houses in history is House Ordo. It has produce some of the greatest warriors every seen on the battlefield, fighting in almost every galactic war in history and due to effects of it's most famous member, Mandalore the Preserver, there is still a Mandalorian culture still alive after the Mandalorian Wars. Great Sith Wars, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, Dark Wars, Great Galactic War, the Cold War, Galactic War, and many more.  However they have fallen somewhat out of grace after the Mandalorian Civil War, many of their clan members were killed in the fighting against the Death Watch when chosen side with the current Mand'alor, Jaster Mereel, against the traitor scum Tor Vizsla and his band of thugs. Much of their time was spend on rebuilding themselves since the war, thankfully clans loyal to their House had helped in process of rebuilding, returning to their once great fortress on Onderon's moon, Dxun.

But years before the Clone Wars, Mand'alor Jango Fett when searching for trainers for Clone Army, Clan Ordo's best training sergeant, Takan Ordo, was among the 79 Mandalorians selected to help train Clone Soldiers and much like the other Mandalorians, Takan would spread Mandalorian influence within the Clone Troopers that trained under him. Because of this when the Clone Wars broke out, House Ordo and it's align clans chose follow the Protectors lead by Fenn Rau's example and joined against the CIS, while harboring their own distaste towards the Republic and Jedi for their role in killing many of True Mandalorians, they chose them due to Death Watch aligning with the CIS and saw a chance of revenge against their enemies. But years into the war when Mandalore become under rule of Darth Maul, the head of House Ordo, Torrian Ordo, was enraged the very thought of a Sith dare trying claim title of Mand'alor and the disgraced members of Death Watch only serve as fuel to his anger. He personally lead his fellow clan members to assist the 501st in Siege of Mandalore, seeking to kill Maul in the process. But of course things changed when Order 66 came about, chaos follow on Mandalore and many Mandalorians died. What was left of assault force return to Dxun to rebuild once again and thanks to it escaped the Empire's wraith when they took control of Mandalore. Now their just buying their time, waiting the right moment to strike.

Battle Cry:  Cuun aru'es chaab cuun a'den!/Our enemies fear our wraith!"

Colors: Mixed.

Strengths: While now fewer in number, House Ordo makes up for this with their experience and tactics, capable of turning tide of battle to their favor. Because of their famous reputation several clans who were able survive the outslaughter of the Empire chose align themselves with Ordo in hopes gaining strength again, boosting their ranks and no how. They have also return the very sacred tradition of recruiting Aliens in their ranks, adding diversity and strengths from the Aliens. 

Home: House Ordo while born of desert world of Ordo, the Mandalorians of the House have come consider Dxun as their home, using the once stronghold of Mandalorian Neo Crusaders from Mandalorian Wars as their home base, repairing the damages and returning it to working condition, because of the highly dangerous creatures living the jungles of Dxun the warriors of the House are in no shortless of challenging foes to test their skills.

Notable Members: 

Torrian Ordo: The current House head, Torrian is a veteran warrior now in his 70s, the direct descendent of Mandalore the Preserver, Torrian has live most of his life trying live up to his ancestor's name and has proven himself be a very capable warrior in the Mandalorian Civil War and later the Clone Wars. However now because he much older and no longer the young man he was, he helps uses his experience train younger members and his tactical skills to help keep the clan sharpen.

Saber: The adopted son of Torrian Ordo, Saber was once a Clone Commando who fought in the Clone Wars with Echo Squad, helping destroy key locations of the CIS. However when Order 66 came about, Echo Squad was thankfully was not with any Jedi when Order came but still their adopted father Torrian was able smuggle them off to Dxun where they become Mandalorian warriors. But now it is Saber who still alive after rest of Echo Squad was killed in action against Death Troopers who discover the House's base. It is suggested he will be the one take over once Torrian passes.

A'den Ordo: Once a slave to the Zyygerians, the female Twi'lek was rescued when members of Ordo raided the Slaver ship she was on and was adopted into the clan after one of Mandalorians found him killing her former master. Having spend years as a slave, A'den now has her chance wreck havoc on the ones who stole her life, very happy with Mandalorian lifestyle. Serving as the House's top scout, she's often away from home and busy locating either promising bases or killing any hostiles who dare challenges them.

Misha Spar Ordo: The last member of Clan Spar, Misha was the sole survivor of the Imperial Super Commandos assault on their homestead when she was a teenager. The fearsome Zabrak Mandalorians while fought hard and killed many of the disgraced Mandalorians, the Commandos had Imperial backing and it was only so long until Clan Spar was killed in the battle, all but her. Misha now carry's the rage and will of her clan, she quickly trained herself hard and push herself beyond her limits, wishing to have the day have justice for her clan. Misha is now the House's best Blademaster, living up to her ancestor's legendary reputation, Akaavi Spar. 

Serra Khan
Name: Serra Khan

Age: 28

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Home: Mojave Wasteland

Biography: Serra Khan was born to the Raider tribe known as the Great Khans, born to daughter of two Great Khan warriors who train her since she could work, acting more like trainers then parents to her and rarely did show any amount of kindness to her. She never did got earn their respect as they were killed in Bitter Springs when she was a teenager, didn't much care for it since she never thought fondly of them but was thankful of their teachings none the less. She began standout from Great Khans as she was something of a lone wolf, impressing Papa Khan greatly when she actually fought back in her Beatdown, he often thought of her as a wolf who distances herself from the pack. But soon she become very vocal on several disagreements she held with Great Khans decisions, drug dealing or helping the Fiends, a group whom Serra hated to her very core, while Papa Khan allowed freedom of speech and listen to his people, he did kinda grew frustrated with some matters regarding Serra's major disagreements. Serra eventually had enough when Great Khans align themselves to Caesur's Legion, she left her 'family' and wander the Mojave, she ended up becoming a mercenary, wandering and finding jobs whenever she could, even doing some for the NCR despite her own distaste for them. But everything changed for her perspective on life when she encounter the legendary Courier while on the Strip, the two shared a conversation, got know each other, even little drunk, despite certain disagreements the two did become friends, the Courier even directed her to few promising work but it was through Serra did the Courier learned what was going on with her people, Serra would not realize this would play a role in Courier's plan get the Great Khans out of the coming war to Hoover Dam until after the Battle of Hoover Dam. Serra decided it was time move on from the West Coast since things become little boring for her, she travel eastward after hearing rather interesting rumours going on in a place known as the Commonwealth.

Personality: Serra given her lifestyle always been described as a cactus flower, pretty look at but just no where getting near her. While having sense Honor and levels of compassion, she care little for causes and was more than willing fight those who would pay her so longest they kept true to her terms. She express distaste to torture, considering its slobby and just inhuman shit.

Equipment: Leather clothing, combat armor. Machete, two 10mm pistols, Chinese Assault Rifle.

Skin tone: Tan

Hairstyle: Left side while other kept wild long

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Dark

Height: 5.7 foot tall

Weight: 190 pounds

Bust: B Cup

Body Type: Curvy shape

Tattoos/Scars: Has scars on her back and lip from her Beatdown, reminders of mistakes she made in fights. On her back is scorch and burn off symbol of Great Khans.
Mass Effect version of John Watsman
Name: John Watsman.

Age: 21

Species: Human

Actively: Mercenary

Equipment: Heavy Partisan/Skirmish Armor dyed black, helmet replaced with skull like mask with red glowing eyes. Kovalyov Assault rifle, Graal Spike Thrower, Kishock Harpoon Gun he gained from fighting slavers, and finally he uses two M-6 Carnifexs since he believes one should not limit themself with just one pistol. For melee uses he likes either his Omi-Tool Blade or a Batarian short sword gained years ago.

Homeworld: Mindoir

Personality: John tends be a quiet man but very policite, serious and strong sense of duty unheard of a mercenary. He has strong sense of honor and justice, noted for keeping his work clean as possible but the main thing is known about him is his hatred for slavery, no matter what he hates it with a burning passion, nothing is gonna make him see otherwise, if he sees a slaver his gunning for him or her.

Background: John was born to family line of soldiers, his parents were Alliance soldiers who fought in the First Contact War with the Turians, thus John was shown Turian culture from the soldiers his parents served, developing a friendship with a Turian girl name Solonal Victus. But then everything changed when Batarian slavers attacked Mindoir when he was a young boy, he saw those bastards murder many good people, including friends, his parents gave their lives to make him and two of his siblings live that day. But he didn't escape that fight unscared, a Batarian slaver found him and sliced him across his right eye with a short sword, his varren took good piece of his cheek too, but he was cocky and failed to realize John grabbed his pistol, didn't see it coming when John shot him in the throat. Still that Varren bite nearly killed him, if it weren't for his older sister Jaina Watsman who got medical help from Turian/Alliance support, he would have likely died. Like with Batman, the event left him scared, John when he was old enough left for adventure, Jaina went on join the Alliance while the youngest Connor Watsman decided settle on Citadel to become a C-Sec Officer. Since then John has been traveling around galaxy, doing jobs here and there but also doing some wrecking havoc on Slaver operations, at age of 21 though a very interesting event happened he runs into a Quarian woman name Tali on Illium about some data that was very interesting.
Lily Tourette
Name: Lily Tourette

Age: 23

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Home: Commonwealth

Faction: Raiders (Formerly), Minutemen.

Biography: Lily Tourette was daughter of Raider Boss Marcus Tourette while her mother was a trader whom was captured by her Raider group. Lily alongside her half sister Red were both force to do everything they could to survive as living with Raiders was not something for kids. Harsh and ruthless as their father was, he did care for his daughters in his own way, left then lessons to know about surviving. But all that changed when Marcus and many of his Raiders were killed in attack made by the Gunners, in the mist of the battle Lily and Red escaped the camp, now on their own. Eventually when two form their own Raider gang, but they didn't really raided settlers or settlements, they decided they would take only what they need and do what's needed to survive, but their luck changed when they discovered the Federal Stockpile, it had everything they needed, but they soon learn they were gonna have to fight for it as groups like Tower Tom or Jared began raids on their base. Lily was unfortunately captured in one attack made Tower Tom, she was taken to Brewery building Tom used his base, she was chained to floor of his room.... The things he did to her haunt her, it makes her sick whenever she thought back to it. Finally her chance of freedom came when the Minutemen lead by the General and her sister Red came storming to the base, killing any of Tower's enemies, she was found by Travis whom was horrified by her current state, she was shock watch a madden Travis beat the living hell out of Tom before some Minutemen were force pull him off him. Thankfully Wade Nilsson who was there gave her chance of justice and Lily kills Tom with Wade's sword. After that Lily spend weeks in medication and being assisted by the now Synth Curie, Travis even payed her visits whenever he could, the two develop a close relationship as they got no each other and she enjoy listening him on the Diamond City, Red often wonder if the two were gonna get together because of this. Finally after being helped Lily joined Minutemen Corsirs lead by Red, the two becoming apart of something that will change rest of their lives. After the war with Institute Lily and Travis got together and two are currently living in Diamond City now.

Personality: Lily Tourette stood out among other Raiders. While her sister was harsh and brutal, she was kind and filled with compassion, she was typical the one give better morale around as many Raiders serving under Red felt very loyal to her just much as they were to her. But the events following what happen with Tom left her scared, dealing with many issues in her mind, if it weren't for her sister Red or Travis she would have likely lost site of herself, she was glad put that bastard Tom to hell. She was noted for joking to lighten spirits, proving be successful.

Equipment: Raider leathers, metal armor. Handmade assault rifle, two pipe pistols, short sword.

Skin tone: Dark

Hairstyle: Curly long

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Indigo

Height: 5.6 foot tall

Weight: 180 pounds

Bust: C Cup

Body Type: Curvy shape

Tattoos/Scars: Has scars on her arms, chest, and back from the things Tower Tom did to her, each reminding her of the incident. Has tattoo on her right eye of red swirls.
Passed On from railtoonbronyfan3751.deviantar…

The "gay boy" you punched in the hall today, committed suicide a few minutes ago.
The girl you called a slut in class today, she's a virgin.
The boy you called lame, he has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day, she's already being abused at home.
That girl you called fat, she's starving herself.
The old man you made fun of because of the ugly scars, he fought for our country.
The boy you made fun of for crying, his mother is dying.

You think you know them. Well, guess what? You don't!
Re-post if you are against bullying. I bet 99% of you won't, but re-post if you're the 1% with a heart.


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