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Zillow Synada by Canderou
Zillow Synada
Name: Zillow Synada

Age: 24

Species: Twi'lek

Gender: Female

Equipment: Mandalorian armor(Duraplast with beskar outlining), two blaster pistols, combat knife, and thermal detonators.

Affiliations: Hutt Cartel, Mandalorian clans, MandoMotors, Mandalorian Protectors.

Once a slave for the Hutt Cartel for most of her life, Zillow lunger for the chance of freedom from the Hutts since as a little girl.

Her wishes finally came true when Clan Cadera was raiding a slaver cargo ship she was on board as a dancer, Zillow was personally freed by the young Mandalorian warrior Parjir Cadera, she was awestruck by the warrior that day.

The slaves on board were given two choices, given amount of credits and equipment and chose their lives or be allow join the Mandalorians of they so wished. Zillow was among the 20% out of 50% to join them.

Zillow found herself becoming a engineer for MandoMotors thanks to Parjir after seeing her skills at work. She truly felt at place with the Mandalorians, even growing some level of feelings for the young Mandalorian for all he has done for her.

But tragic would strike once Mand'alor Fenn Shysa was killed, Mandalore fell into chaos in the aftermath. Zillow would join up with Mandalorian Protectors in order try do her part in repaying for the Mandalorians for freeing her.

No matter the cost...
Jicoln Cadera (Star Wars: Masters and Apprentices) by Canderou
Jicoln Cadera (Star Wars: Masters and Apprentices)
Name: Jicoln Cadera

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Species: Human(Clone)

Affiliations: Galactic Republic, Clan Cadera, Mandalorians, Mandalorian Protectors.

Equipment: Mandalorian armor(Mix of Commando armor with Duraplast with beskar outlining), two DC-17M pistols, Mandalorian Assault rifle, Mandalorian Ripper Rifle, thermal detonators, sonic grenades.

Jicoln Cadera was once one of the Clone Commandos personally trained by Rarok Cadera, becoming a highly skilled Mandalorian tracker and Hunter, he was also the rival of his fellow Commando brother Sev, often some call them the 'Blood Brothers' for their love for combat.

Rarok would name him after his ancestor Jicoln Cadera, despite the fact he turn against Mandalore, Jicoln had done so in his attempt protect the Mandalorians from Sith control. Thus Jicoln took it to heart, defending his brothers independence from those who dare try steal their freedom.

But during the Clone Wars, Jicoln would fight in some of the worst battles during the war, Umbara, Geonosis, Ryloth, and Siege of Mandalore, all left scars on him. He would unfortunately lose members of his squad when fighting against the Death Watch, leaving only him and his brother Blaze alive.

Because of this, Jicoln collect trophies from members of Death Watch his killed, taking their weapons or pieces of their armor, scratching off marks on his armor keep count how many his killed.

But when Order 66 was given, Jicoln and Blaze refused follow the order and the two deserted the army with Jedi Knight Kaliyo Maine, a female Miraluka whom his squad been serving under.

With help of Clan Skirata and Cadera, they become Mandalorians to hide from the Empire. Jicoln would eventually fall in love with Kaliyo, she had gave him new meaning in life and purpose, the two would become marry in year later.

Jicoln would serve with Mandalorian Protectors in their missions make new land in jungles and deserts of Mandalore, calming new land for the clans. But it was not without scars as Jicoln would fight off against some of Mandalore's most dangerous of beasts.

But then came the death of Fenn Shysa, Jicoln was enraged of this news and much so after the attack on Clan Cadera, his beloved wife had been killed by Imperial forces in protecting children of Cadera, sacrificing her life for the young.

Leaving Jicoln care for his daughter, Shrya. Still Jicoln promises kill every last Imperial involved in the attack if it was last thing he'll do...
Shyla Varad by Canderou
Shyla Varad
Name: Shyla Varad

Gender: Female

Species: Kiffar/Human

Affilications: Mandalorians, Clan Varad, Mandalorian Protectors, Rebel Alliance.

Age: 31

Equipment: Mandalorian armor (Beskar), whipcord launcher, virosword, WESTER-34 blaster pistols, thermal detonators, smoke grenades.

Rank: Ver`alor

Shyla Varad was born and raised in the violent Mandalorian clan of Varad on the planet of Hoth. She was put through very high demand by her clanmates and parents, going through struggles for most of her life, while she gained much skills and knowledge from all challenges place on her, she only wanted the love and respect of her parents. But soon it turn to hatred once her father, the clan chieftain at the time, gave her a scar on her face when she failed a mission. She ended up leaving Clan Varad behind at 14, wanting leave it's disgrace once it made it's alliance with Death Watch, she ended up wandering the galaxy, using her skills become a skilled Mandalorian bounty hunter.

She become renowned for her skills with a whipcord and a sword, becoming feared by criminals and gangsters alike in Hutt space. While she hated working for the Hutts, she needed the money and did general jobs for them but reminded them they did not own her. But soon her attention drawn towards the current Mand'alor at the time, Jango Fett, who was captured by the Jedi and sold into slavery, but not before having killed 6 Jedi with his bare-hands. This earned the respect and admirament towards Jango Fett, she had thought plans of helping free Jango but it wasn't needed in the end as Jango Fett escaped, tracking down members of Death Watch before defeating Tor Vizsla, ending the Civil War.

Shyla would color and style her armor after Jango Fett after he become the galaxy's best and feared bounty hunter, though she made sure add her own things make sure people didn't mistake her for Jango. For years she was distance from the Mandalorian people, not sure where her loyalties truly lay, while she maintain the Mandalorian honor and traditions, she wasn't sure on where she belonged. But the chance where she prove herself came when the Clone Wars came, with the death of Jango Fett, Shyla sought revenge by joining the CIS and fight against the Republic. 

She become a skilled Mandalorian warrior on the battlefield, even claiming few Jedi kills. But even after her service to the CIS, she become angered learn of the alliance with the Death Watch, Shyla would argue with Count Dooku that the Death Watch would not be trusted, it was clear it wasn't getting anywhere. Shyla left the CIS in anger, she decide go to Mandalore and try start a life there. She would spend there as a blacksmith for course of the war, doing what she could make a living.

But after Fenn Shysa become the new Mand'alor and restore the Mandalorian Protectors, Shyla decide join in their ranks and try do her part as a Mandalorian warrior. For a good while she finally found a place, spending years fighting with the Mandalorian Protectors against it's threats and missions for Galactic Empire. But years later while on a bounty hunter mission on Nal Hutta, Shyla was given horrid news of Mand'alor Fenn Shysa's assassation and how the planet went to chaos. 

Shyla was now ready to avenge the beloved Mand'alor and take revenge on the assassin who killed him...
Parjir Cadera (Star Wars: Masters and Apprentices) by Canderou
Parjir Cadera (Star Wars: Masters and Apprentices)
Name: Parjir Cadera

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Affiliations: Mandalorians, Clan Cadera, Mandalorian Protectors, Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance.

Age: 19

Equipment: Mandalorian armor(Duraplast with beskar outlining), two beskads, Mandalorian WESTER pistols, dozen thermal detonators, one double bladed lightsaber.

Parjir Cadera is the son of two Clone Wars veterans, Rarok Cadera and Nalk Ordo-Cadera, despite having been on opposite sides in the war, the two fell in love, after Nalka left the CIS in disgust, the two got together and they married on Mandalore before then having Rarok couple mouths later after the war ended. Parjir grew up in jungles of Mandalore, thus he grew up in environmental where it was the strong live and weakness tends get one killed, but unlike the more violent Mandalorians from Priest or Vizsla, Parjir was taught uphold Supercommando Codex and to know why it was created.

While his father was loving and was proud of him, his mother was more harsh and sharp but fair, leaving interesting results from their differences in training. Being the direct descendant of both Torian Cadera and Mandalore the Preserver has serve to inspire Parjir live by his ancestors and his parents example.

Parjir having grown up in times of the Empire has left him in distaste against them, while he had met honorable officers and Stormtroopers station on Mandalore, their acts against Alien species and others has him having grown hatred for their leadership.

Much like his ancestor Torian Cadera, Parjir has trained and push himself harder then other younger Mandalorians, upholding the Mandalorian code and traditions fully. Unlike most other Mandalorians, Parjir has expressed interest and willingness to other warrior cultures like the allied Wookie tribes to Cadera.

But as he rise through ranks in Mandalorian Protectors when he become old enough, tensions continue grew with the Empire, sides were now being made as Clans become debate regarding the situation. Mand'alor Fenn Shysa did best as he could maintain peace but Parjir feared it was only matter of time before things blow off.

Despite his dislikes to the Empire, Parjir and the squad he served under did several Protector runs for the Empire, putting down terrorists and slavers alike, earning reputation for himself for his skills and quick minded thinking on the battlefield.

But his work with the Empire would come to an end when he was personally given a mission hunt down a Jedi Master who was hiding on Nar Shaddaa. Despite his father having been a member of Cuy'val Dar and fought with the Republic, Parjir accepted the job.

Parjir tracked down Jedi Master and former Council member Coleman Kcaj, searching through the hellhole that was Nar Shaddaa. However after days of searching, Parjir finally found the Jedi through the sewers before finding the Jedi Master's home.

... But only find a dying old man filled with regret. Parjir chose not kill him but instead stayed with him in his final days. The young Mandalorian was given a rare honor of being taught everything this Master knew in his years, learning this Master blamed himself for not protecting his padawan during Order 66 or from stopping crime on Nar Shaddaa.

Still Parjir gave him new meaning in his dying days. While not a force wielder, Parjir picked up the teachings quite well, learning Lightsaber fighting styles from Form I to III. But eventually Coleman's age finally got to him, Parjir stayed by his side as he pass from the galaxy and join one with the force, making an old man happy that he left a legacy.

Parjir took his lightsaber to remember him, while it was difficult at first, he was able adept to it. But while Parjir was away, Fenn Shysa had been killed by an assassin and Mandalore fell to chaos as Clans fought against the return of Death Watch aided Grand Admiral Thrawn.

He was force return to his clan to try help them in this dying need.. Only find many had been killed by the Death Watch, his parents included. Parjir was force become the new leader of Clan Cadera despite his young age, still he was quick control the chaos and lead the remaining members allying with Mandalorian Protectors lead by Tobbi Dala now.

Having admired Fenn Shysa to a great personal level, Parjir swore he'll have justice for him and his clan. He will not stop, he will not rest until peace has been restored on Mandalore...
Lily Bowen by Canderou
Lily Bowen
"Becky? That you? My have you grown! Give your Grandma a hug!" Lily Bowen mistaking Cait for her granddaughter when she arrives at the Commonwealth.

Lily Bowen was once a Vault Dweller from Vault 17, a kind old woman within her 70s who had a loving family. But one day the Master's Army came, members of Vault 17 were taken, letting Lily seeing the sun for the first time.

She and other Vault Dweller's were dumbed into the FEV Vats, thus becoming a Super Mutant. She become of the Master's Elite, the Nightkin. She was both a spy and a assassin in Master's name, eliminating targets given to her.

But after the Master was defeated by the Vault Dweller and Kajta, Lily's squad lead by fellow Nightkin Tabitha, wander the Wasteland in confusement.

Eventually another side of Lily formed in her head, her darker side as she calls it Leo, the one who tells her do the bad things. Though while she argued with Leo many times, she did listen to some things he said like making a sword from crashed Vertbird in Klamath.

But years later, her squad came to the community known as Black Mountain in the Mojave Wasteland. The community was lead by former companion friend of the Chosen One, Marcus.

He had been attempting make life easier for Super Mutants and welcome any longest they remain peaceful. But of course Tabitha being unstable, decided she was gonna try bring back how things were under the Master, try recreate the Unity plan.

Because there were more of Second Generation Super a Mutants, most decide follow her instead. Marcus and others escaped, Lily chose go with them because she liked Marcus better then Tabitha.

From there they made a new home in a old settlement up in the mountains of the Mojave. Marcus named it after his Brotherhood of Steel Paladin friend, Jacob, Lily would help keep the bighorners in check and care for.

But unfortunately like all Nightkin, she suffers from schizophrenia, she began illusion of her grandchildren. It was reveal it was because of Nightkins overuse of Stealth boys.

Thankfully when the former Enclave scientist, Doctor Henry, came to Jacobstown to help Nightkin schizophrenia and other Mutant problems, Lily would volunteer help in projects despite the dangers.

But everything changed once in 2281, the Courier and her companions arrived in Jacobstown. Lily would end up becoming recruited to help in a mission learn more of the Night Crawlers stealth field abilities, she become quickly well liked by the others.

Despite her frightening appearance, she had a gentle soul to her and become something of their grandmother figure. But after helping Doctor Henry finding the cure for the Nightkin's problem after finding their answers in a Night Crawler cave, Lily decide travel with the Courier in her adventures through the Mojave desert.

Lily enjoyed her times with the Courier and her companions, she would often say it was like being part of a family. But the memories of her grandchildren started become harder as she took her pills for her own problems, the holotape being the only she had left of her time in Vault 17.

The Courier would offer her advice of continuing taking her meds at half doses in order keep her memories of her grandchildren, while her mind does remain little muddy and confuse, her memories kept her strong.

But now, Lily truly felt at home for first time in years. She would continue travel with the Courier uptil the Battle of Hoover Dam, Lily would assist her new family against the Legion and Yaoguai's army, leading a new example for all Super Mutants for people of the Mojave.

Now having done her part, Lily would part ways with the Courier and return to Jacobstown to help assist Doctor Henry on other projects. But one would change her life when it involved in the sterilation of Super Mutants.

When John mention of the cure in Midwest, Doctor Henry become interested and decide help assist in the problem in Big Empty. But just as they were getting close and making new modifications compare to the one in Midwest, Dr. Dala added her own input in the cure.

When Lily was given the first example it... Changed her body. Rebuild problems made by FEV, restore her female figure but she was now build like an Amazon, having an appearance like that of her 20s instead of her 70s.

Courier Six would often call her 'sexy Grandma' because of her new looks, luckily Lily didn't mind her new look or the attention, her mind was now mostly restored and she wasn't confuse as much, while she will sometimes confuse people with her past, it wasn't as much. But after having assisted Doctor Henry and Arcade on several projects, Lily decide it was time to find her old Vault.

She said her farewells to the Courier and her companions, she began travel West to seek the remnants of her past. She wasn't seen since then, often leading many wonder where she was now.

But those answers are about be answer as a new threat emerges in the Commonwealth, something big was about to happen...
Government Type: Internationalism 

Number of Territories: Mojave Wasteland, Zion Canyon, New Cannan, Big Empty, and Utah.

Motto: United We Stand! United We Stand! Divided We Fall! Divided We Fall!

Capital: Mojave Wasteland.

Native species: Humans, Super Mutants, and Ghouls.

Factions: Boomers, Followers of the Apocalypse, The Kings, Westside, The Three Families, Mojave Brotherhood of Steel, Dead Horses, the Sorrows, New Canaanites, Enclave Remnants, and Super Mutants of Jacob's Town.

Symbol: Green Maple Leaf.

Allies: NCR, Midwest Republic, Great Khan Empire, Railroad, and some chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel. 

Enemies: Raider tribes, Caesar Legion, Institute, Slaver groups, and hostile Super Mutant groups.

Military: MUA armed forces. Brotherhood of Steel. The Spectres. The Tribals. Boomers. MUA Marines. MUA Air Force. Devil's Brigade. Securitrons. Standing army within thousand and still recruiting. 

History: The Mojave United Alliance was formed in the aftermath of Battle of Hoover Dam after various of factions were united by the Wasteland hero known as the Courier, these factions with the NCR help drive back the Legion from Hoover Dam. Despite some tension talks with the NCR, the Courier was able form a new faction in the Mojave Wasteland thanks to advance tech left by Robert House and that of Big Empty, she was able control of Mojave with help of other factions and her friends. While it took some time get things sorted out with the factions and agreements be made, the factions finally came to agreement. Using forms of Internationalism form records of Pre War, they help become a stable force in Wasteland that is interested in bringing peace to Wastelands. While the road has been hard, disagreements with the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel, even a small civil war with the Mojave chapter when Head Paladin Hardin started a small coup against Elder Renata Santangelo and her new ideals. Hardin leading half of Brotherhood of Steel chapter attempted take HELOUS One from the NCR and MUA control, forcing BoS soldiers under Veronica fight against them in combat.

Thankfully with allied force of factions, Hardin's coup was put down and he was killed in battle personally by Veronica Santangelo. Within two years after it's formation the MUA has become one of most powerful factions in Wasteland with it's hands of advance tech and various of allies, even helping end the war between the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR, Courier Six having get their acts together and making them realize they were getting no where with the war and under NCR's new President, Danny Phamtom, peace was brought to two factions and work is being done to restore the damage.

However something interesting happened when runaway Synths from the Commonwealth started coming to the MUA, there was heavy arugment regarding what to do with these Synths, mostly from the Brotherhood of Steel. But it was eventually agreed that Synths were welcome so longest they had no hostile intents and were given work for their advance skills, proving be very useful to them. But eventually the Institute lead by a man name Doctor Kana came down their doorstep with five Coursers and dozen Synth soldiers.

Members of the MUA Council and Doctor Kana spend days fighting regarding the Synths, many were disgusted by Institute treatment of Synths and Brotherhood were very vocal of dangers using these Synths. Eventually it become violent once Doctor Kana had enough and decide try take them by force, the Synths lead by Kana began attacking everyone in site within the MUA Capital, killing many civilians. This only resulted in enraging the MUA, the right hand man of Courier, Joshua Graham, would show Doctor Kana true fear when he personally killed two Coursers with nothing but his pistol and his barehands. John Watsman, the top agent and scout of MUA, would personally kill a high ranking Courser known as Hercules, one of his toughest fights but none less was able kill him.

Ever since this violent attack by the Institute they have been seen as a enemy of people of MUA along with their allies. But their focus was on war with Caesar Legion now lead by Legate Lanius, even when it has lost some of it's edge, the Legion has become more ruthless then ever before under ironfist of Lanius and the war still rages on. But now four years since it's founding, something has been in the Commonwealth that has been gaining the Courier's interest now with the Brotherhood of Steel chapter lead by Arthur Maxson has moved his forces there, now with John Watsman now present in the Commonwealth.

It was time for Institute get a wake call....

Leadership: The MUA is lead by a Council of representatives of each faction in MUA, head of this Council is the Courier, her right hand man being the former Malpais Legate Joshua Graham and Followers Doctor Arcade Gannon. Each members of Council discuss and decide on course the MUA takes, major choices such as in times of war can be fully agreed when each member of Council or the major of Council all agree. Such as the use of Archimedes II, the use of it is only when it is truly needed and has only been used once in it's war with Caesar Legion. 


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