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Early Thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda
I, like many many other gamers worldwide, finally got early access to Mass Effect: Andromeda last night. As part of EA’s Play First early access program (for which I shelled out an extra $5 specifically to get early access to MEA) I was treated to ten hours of the main campaign. And like virtually everyone else who has put fingers to keyboards to take the newest Bioware adventure for a spin, I have some thoughts.
To make a long story short for my more impatient readers: I liked it, but I didn’t love it.
Now, it’s impossible to make an educated, accurate decision about the game based solely on the opening act. This is particularly unwise when dealing with Bioware games, as the company has historically not always put their best foot forward in the opening hours of their games. For evidence of this, look no further than KOTOR’s slog through Taris or Dragon Age: Inquisition’s seemingly endless trudge through the Hinterlands.
Personally, I
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Brotherhood of Steel Proctor Hana Watsman
(This is a maybe character for a remake story. Still sorting some things out)

Name: Hana Watsman

Age: 28

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Home: Capital Wasteland

Biography: Hana Watsman, the eldest daughter of two Desert Ranger war heroes, it would not come as a surprise how tough, serious, and militaristic she is as a result. Growing up in Capital Wasteland was never easy, she quickly learned right away what happened to those who did not fight defend themselves or pay attention to their surroundings, something she took to heart. However everything changed when Talon Company was hired take out their settlement for her parents involvement in destroying slaver operations in DC, try as they may they couldn't withstand the overwhelming numbers of the ruthless mercenaries, it was only her and her brothers who survived the attack, everyone else was killed. Hana and her younger brothers, John and Connor, were force into the ruins of DC, learning how survive the harsh lifestyle the Wasteland forces on one, thankfully their parents teachings helped keep themselves alive, even how hard things continue to get. But everything changed when one day when checking through the ruins for supplies, they were caught off guard by when a Super Mutant party showed up, they were forced to fight off Super Mutants who chased them through ruins of DC, making it through what was once the Capital of the Nation, but they only ended up running into more Mutants. Hope seemed lose as they become surrounded in mere moments, Hana was ready give her life for her brothers that moment, ready make herself a target while her brothers run. But just before she could that... Suddenly she heard what sounded like a minigun going off, she could hear the cries of Super Mutants being killed, she gripped her rifle ready for anything as her brother Connor held onto her while John held a pistol in his hand, once things got quiet she could hear someone coming over to their direction, just when she was about fire a young voice stopped her. "Hey! You alright?" That was the day Hana and her siblings met the Lone Wanderer. The Lone Wanderer and his friends, Charon, Clover, Jericho, Dogmeat, and Sydney, helped her siblings and herself get to safety, finding a home in Megaton thanks to the Wasteland Hero. She at first become something of a assistant for the town's sherif, Lucas Simms, helping him keep order around town, but she wanted do more, the meeting with Lone Wanderer inspired her greatly, her brothers as well as John and Connor would listen to GNR for every news on the Lone Wanderer. But some time after that experience, the Enclave rolled in, taking pockets of the Wasteland, even taking out Super Mutant and Raider locations before turning them into bases, Hana greatly felt sorrow for the Lone Wanderer for losing his father once news came on GNR. It would not last however once word came the Lone Wanderer returned to the Brotherhood of Steel's main headquarters, the Citadel, when it came under attack by the Enclave. Megaton and several other groups and settlements joined in the fight, seeking to repay for the great deeds the Lone Wanderer done for them, Hana would join in the fight but unknownly her brothers as well as they snuck in the caravans that joined in. It was only after the marching to Project Purity and when Liberty Prime destroyed the last barrier did Hana took note of her brothers being there. The yelling she gave her siblings is considered legendary by everyone who was there. With the Enclave beaten back and fresh clean water now being brought to DC, Hana decided to join the Brotherhood of Steel, Connor instead chose life of a Regular with Lucas Simms being one teach him of the lifestyle. John Hana unfortunately lost track of, she only heard that John become a wanderer and was traveling around DC somewhere, something she regrets not being able learn more of. Still she continues serve the BoS as a proud soldier, feeling a great place among these people, even when not agreeing to some matters.

Personality: Because of the military family line, Hana always been described as a career soldier. Tough, loyal, intelligent, and something of a hardass with those under her command. However despite these she's strong believer of justice and morals, hence why she doesn't like the treatment of Ghouls and doesn't always get along with some members of the Brotherhood. She's something of a moral compass for young Elder Arthur Maxson, reminding him of ideals of Lyons, something that has lead her having hostile relations with former members of Outcasts like Proctor Teagan.

Equipment: Grey and blue combat armor, black BoS uniform, Desert Ranger helmet. Combat knife, laser rifle, laser pistol.

Skin tone: Pale

Hairstyle: Long hair

Hair color: Black with blue highlights

Eye color: Green

Height: 6.1 foot tall

Weight: 200 pounds

Bust: C Cup

Body Type: Built Curvy shape

Tattoos/Scars: Has a scar down her eye to forehead from one a Talon Company Merc. Laser burns on her back from battles against the Enclave. On her right breast is symbol of Lyons Pride.
Clan Cadera Bio (The New Mand'alor)
Clan Cadera, one of the oldest Mandalorian clans in history and one of the most honorable. Cadera has been fighting in wars and battles since the Great Sith Wars thousands of years ago, fighting for honor and glory in combat. However what makes them stand out from other clans is how willing they are to protect the Mandalorian people, even if it themselves as shown after the Great Galactic War, Jicoln Cadera rebel against Mandalore the Vindicated due to his decision in aligning themselves with the Sith Empire, a decision to which Jicoln saw would be Mandalorians downfall. However their honor was restored thanks to legendary young Mandalorian war hero Torian Cadera, a man of honor who risked his life many times during the war against Eternal Empire, always willing place his life on the line for others, a factor that not even outsiders have forgotten. Interesting enough Clan Cadera and Clan Wren once had a alliance together due to their growth in relations from War against Eternal Empire, there was great level of respect towards the two.

But it all changed during the Clone Wars where Clan Wren align themselves with the Death Watch, a enemy of the Caderas, it soured relations before the alliance broke when Death Watch become terrorist attacks on New Mandalorians, while having no love for New Mandalorians the attacks had killed civilians, a fact that Caderas saw as cowardly. The current clan head of the time, Rarok Cadera, align joined with House Ordo's alliance with the Republic, while having mix feelings on the matter, they found them to be more trustful than the CIS. Clan Cadera in the war would serve with Commando and Arc Trooper units, striking against CIS bases and space stations, proving be very successful and bringing a better name to the Mandalorians much like Skull Squadron led by Journeymen Protector Fenn Rau did. But when Order 66 was given Clan Cadera acted in the defense for the Jedi allies and rogue Clone troopers, making them enemies of the Galactic Empire, Rarok Cadera was killed in one such fight when he gave up his life save young Jedi on a remote Jedi training center in Outer Rim. Thus Rarok's young daughter, Mira Cadera, was force take command of the Clan and lead them into hiding, taking them to Dxun where House Ordo was hiding out. Now they train and ready themselves with House Ordo for the right time to strike.

Battle Cry:  Par kote bal ijaat be Mand'alor!/For the glory and honor of Mandalore!" or "Haat, ijaa, haa'it! Resol'nare!/Truth, honor, vision! Six Actions!"

Colors: Red and Grey/Yellow and Brown/White and Blue

Strength: Because of Clan Cadera's honorable nature and their strong sense of duty, the clan has been able alliances with some clans and even outsiders, it has been noted some members of the clan have assisted Rebel groups against the Empire, taking down slavery operations on Wookiees even. Mandalorians of the clan have also produced some of the best warriors among clans, training themselves to be able adapt to many situations and knowing when give up their lives for their fellow Mandalorians even. 

Home: Clan Cadera currently calls Dxun their home, while their original home was Geonosis when Mandalorians once had a stronghold on the world, they now call Dxun home now that the situation on Geonosis has become worst now that the Empire has wipe out the population on the world. 

Notable Members.

Mira Cadera: The current clan head of Clan Cadera, Mira was but 16 years old when she was made the new clan head after the Clone Wars but before that Mira prove herself to be a very capable leader and warrior against the CIS, leading small strike teams on bases and even fought alongside Jedi much like her ancestor Torian Cadera did. Now a experienced warrior Mira leads her people with House Ordo, wanting do everything she can for her people and to see the Empire off of Mandalore. She stands out from her fellow Mandalorians with her abilities with a lightsaber, a gift from a Jedi who died during Order 66, using mix of Mandalorian swordsmanship and even little of Jedi styles, proving herself be very good with it.

Maser Cadera: The cousin of Mira Cadera, Maser has proven himself be a capable warrior and time to time again impressed many of elder warriors. Of course his less seriously then his cousin, being more laid back and something of a lady's man, often flirting with any beautiful women he see's, of course he can become very serious in battle and holds lots of care for his people. 

Jehavey'ir Cadera: The right hand man of Mira Cadera, Jehavey'ir is son of a Clone Commando who fought in the Clone Wars before marrying a Mandalorian woman of Cadera after the war ended. Given this fact he has been taught both Mandalorian ways and tactics used by Clone Commandos, learning to be both a warrior and a elite commando, using these tactics to help the clan's battles against it's enemies. It has been suggested both him and Mira are in a relationship despite age gap but it has not been proven true nar have the two confirm it either. 

Kot Cadera: A aggressive and hot headed Mandalorian warrior, Kot is a young and eager warrior wishing for honor and glory on the battlefield but she's been noted for a temper and does not like cowards one bit. Her reckless nature on battlefield is uncommon of her clanmates but her loyalty is, she will fight and die for her family no matter the cause and is very eager join in the Empire, considering doing work for the Rebels even. 
Clan Kelborn Bio (The New Mand'alor)
Clan Kelborn, a legendary Mandalorian clan dating back far as to days of the Dark Wars thousands of years ago, founded by the original Kelborn, the right hand man of Mandalore the Preserver. Kelborn has always been a clan that regularly prefer keep things to themselves, staying out of politics of the other clans and houses unless it directly involves them such as when they sided with Jicoln Cadera's rebellion against Mandalore the Vindicated after the Great Galactic War thousands years ago. But now there are too few members, taking heavy loses during the Mandalorian Civil War when they were betrayed by Clan Gedyc, leading a ambush by members of the Death Watch for Kelborn's role in siding with Mand'alor Jaster Mereel, thus leading them to secure themselves and hidden away somewhere in deep jungles of Mandalore where it is consider too dangerous for even for some Mandalorians. But their stance changed when during the Clone Wars, one of it's members helped in the assistance of training the Clone Army, adopting Clones into the clan but the one that stood out was Arc Trooper name Blitz, a highly skilled soldier and member of the highly skilled Rancor Battalion.

But soon with the war continuing a split of ideals began happen within the clan, some wanted take direct action against the New Mandalorians while others wished continue to stay out of the politics of Mandalore, the current clan head Marik Kelborn did his best to control the situation but it was only matter of time before things began violent. It ended up happening after the Clone Wars ended and when former Clone troopers like Blitz who left the military, joined the clan, many disliked this and open fighting happened, Cadera and Ordo try stop it much as they could but Marik Kelborn and other high ranking members were killed, leaving few remaining, ultimately Blitz took control of the situation and was able put down the rebel clanmates, earning the respect of his fellow Mandalorians, it eventually ended with Blitz as the new clan leader. Blitz now is a respected Mandalorian warrior within the clans and while things between them and the Saxons haven't been violent, Blitz has not hidden his dislike towards Gar Saxon, a factor that has played in heavy tensions between the two, doesn't help it has been suggested Kelborn spies have assisted the Rebels in some systems. Still now the clan much like House Ordo, is just buying it's time for the right moment make their move against the Empire.

Battle Cry: Vi cuyir te prudii!/We are the shadow!

Colors: Red and Gray, Green and Black.

Strengths: While few in number, the clan makes it up for their legendary skills as spies and scouts, being able sneak enemy lines in a minute's notice. It is not unheard of some wars being won due to the Kelborn's involvement in it, they trained themselves to be killing machines and to be swift and quick, thus leading some members to be worth a whole platoon of soldiers. Because of their involvement in many wars, the clan has respect and envy of several clans, leading some more then willing back them when they are needed like the Caderas and of course House Ordo. 

Home: It is unclear where exactly the homestead of Kelborn is located, not even the Empire have been able located them through the deep jungles of Mandalore, but it is a popular belief they are located in The Haran, one of the most dangerous locations of Mandalore where a great deal of Mandalore's most dangerous beasts call home, it is also where the last battle between the Mandalorians and the Republic aid by the Jedi took place during the Mandalorian Excision and it's most costly one with many men and women died on both sides, including Jedi. Thus not many dare wish enter the location or even learn how Clan Kelborn has even learned survive such a place.

Notable members

Blitz Kelborn: The former Arc Trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic, Blitz was among Clones to be trained by Kelborn's best hunter and scout, Vossk, learning both ways of Mandalorians and that of Trandoshans. Blitz having fought in some of the worst battles of Clone Wars and having bad luck of being a sole survivor, his learn put his skills into use and has used his experience to become a elite Mandalorian warrior. He was also one of the few to remove the Inhibitor chip from his head, including few of his men, thus he was able refuse the order given by Emperor Paplatine though not directly saying it, saving his Jedi General in the process. He has become a respected leader but with advance aging of Clones, it may seem his time might be short.

Vossk Kelborn: An adopted member of the clan, Vossk was taken into the Kelborns after his old Trandoshan clan left him behind when he refused to hunt young Wookiees on Kashyyyk, believing it was cowardly attack those who could not fight, almost leading to his death when his former clanmates attacked and almost killing him. He was nurse by to health by the clan before later joining them, adapting well to his new home of Mandalore. He quickly become their best scout and hunter, using his abilities as a Trandoshan to use. He later become among those to answer the call by Jango Fett to train the Clone Army, he was proud to have help train such great soldiers and even prouder to call some his sons. He continue trains the younger generation of Kelborn and taken in hunting parties in jungles of Mandalore to this day, even rumored he hunts Stormtrooper patrols on Mandalore.

Nima Kelborn: While a young but skilled warrior, Nima has proven herself be a very capable commanding officer and leader on battlefield, even showing ruthless traits. Still despite her harsh and unforgiving nature, she is fair and does care for her family and those she fights alongside, she has learned being a team player can get you far in the galaxy. None the less there is a lot of demand on her for being the direct descendant of the legendary Kelborn, leading her having grow up fast and train herself hard. It has been suggested she's next in line for leadership of the Clan but has shown little interest for it. 

Tal'galar Kelborn: While Nima has proven herself be one of Kelborn's most ruthless members, Tal'galar has shown himself be their most bloodthirsty member, a very odd trait say the least within the clan. Much of it is due to his father being from Clan Varad, one of the most bloodthirsty clans in history, while his mother that of Kelborn, thus traits from his father are present. Often known take trophies of his enemies, teeth, weapons, scaples, but despite this fact he also still has Kelborn's strong sense of honor as he will fight those who can fight, finding it be very cowardly attack those weaker then you and does love his family and clan very much. Out of all members of clan, he is most vocal of his dislike towards Gar Saxon, calling him a hut'uunla dar'manda. 
Commander Bow
Commander Bow, once one of the elite Commanding officers of the 501st Legion. But following the death of Commander Appo Commander Bow earned the trust and respect of Darth Vader for his years of service and loyalty to the Galactic Empire. He continues serves the Empire loyally with Daine Jir as his second.
House Ordo
Without a doubt one of the most famous of Mandalorian Houses in history is House Ordo. It has produce some of the greatest warriors every seen on the battlefield, fighting in almost every galactic war in history and due to effects of it's most famous member, Mandalore the Preserver, there is still a Mandalorian culture still alive after the Mandalorian Wars. Great Sith Wars, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, Dark Wars, Great Galactic War, the Cold War, Galactic War, and many more.  However they have fallen somewhat out of grace after the Mandalorian Civil War, many of their clan members were killed in the fighting against the Death Watch when chosen side with the current Mand'alor, Jaster Mereel, against the traitor scum Tor Vizsla and his band of thugs. Much of their time was spend on rebuilding themselves since the war, thankfully clans loyal to their House had helped in process of rebuilding, returning to their once great fortress on Onderon's moon, Dxun.

But years before the Clone Wars, Mand'alor Jango Fett when searching for trainers for Clone Army, Clan Ordo's best training sergeant, Takan Ordo, was among the 79 Mandalorians selected to help train Clone Soldiers and much like the other Mandalorians, Takan would spread Mandalorian influence within the Clone Troopers that trained under him. Because of this when the Clone Wars broke out, House Ordo and it's align clans chose follow the Protectors lead by Fenn Rau's example and joined against the CIS, while harboring their own distaste towards the Republic and Jedi for their role in killing many of True Mandalorians, they chose them due to Death Watch aligning with the CIS and saw a chance of revenge against their enemies. But years into the war when Mandalore become under rule of Darth Maul, the head of House Ordo, Torrian Ordo, was enraged the very thought of a Sith dare trying claim title of Mand'alor and the disgraced members of Death Watch only serve as fuel to his anger. He personally lead his fellow clan members to assist the 501st in Siege of Mandalore, seeking to kill Maul in the process. But of course things changed when Order 66 came about, chaos follow on Mandalore and many Mandalorians died. What was left of assault force return to Dxun to rebuild once again and thanks to it escaped the Empire's wraith when they took control of Mandalore. Now their just buying their time, waiting the right moment to strike.

Battle Cry:  Cuun aru'es chaab cuun a'den!/Our enemies fear our wraith!"

Colors: Mixed.

Strengths: While now fewer in number, House Ordo makes up for this with their experience and tactics, capable of turning tide of battle to their favor. Because of their famous reputation several clans who were able survive the outslaughter of the Empire chose align themselves with Ordo in hopes gaining strength again, boosting their ranks and no how. They have also return the very sacred tradition of recruiting Aliens in their ranks, adding diversity and strengths from the Aliens. 

Home: House Ordo while born of desert world of Ordo, the Mandalorians of the House have come consider Dxun as their home, using the once stronghold of Mandalorian Neo Crusaders from Mandalorian Wars as their home base, repairing the damages and returning it to working condition, because of the highly dangerous creatures living the jungles of Dxun the warriors of the House are in no shortless of challenging foes to test their skills.

Notable Members: 

Torrian Ordo: The current House head, Torrian is a veteran warrior now in his 70s, the direct descendent of Mandalore the Preserver, Torrian has live most of his life trying live up to his ancestor's name and has proven himself be a very capable warrior in the Mandalorian Civil War and later the Clone Wars. However now because he much older and no longer the young man he was, he helps uses his experience train younger members and his tactical skills to help keep the clan sharpen.

Saber: The adopted son of Torrian Ordo, Saber was once a Clone Commando who fought in the Clone Wars with Echo Squad, helping destroy key locations of the CIS. However when Order 66 came about, Echo Squad was thankfully was not with any Jedi when Order came but still their adopted father Torrian was able smuggle them off to Dxun where they become Mandalorian warriors. But now it is Saber who still alive after rest of Echo Squad was killed in action against Death Troopers who discover the House's base. It is suggested he will be the one take over once Torrian passes.

A'den Ordo: Once a slave to the Zyygerians, the female Twi'lek was rescued when members of Ordo raided the Slaver ship she was on and was adopted into the clan after one of Mandalorians found him killing her former master. Having spend years as a slave, A'den now has her chance wreck havoc on the ones who stole her life, very happy with Mandalorian lifestyle. Serving as the House's top scout, she's often away from home and busy locating either promising bases or killing any hostiles who dare challenges them.

Misha Spar Ordo: The last member of Clan Spar, Misha was the sole survivor of the Imperial Super Commandos assault on their homestead when she was a teenager. The fearsome Zabrak Mandalorians while fought hard and killed many of the disgraced Mandalorians, the Commandos had Imperial backing and it was only so long until Clan Spar was killed in the battle, all but her. Misha now carry's the rage and will of her clan, she quickly trained herself hard and push herself beyond her limits, wishing to have the day have justice for her clan. Misha is now the House's best Blademaster, living up to her ancestor's legendary reputation, Akaavi Spar. 

Passed On from railtoonbronyfan3751.deviantar…

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The girl you called a slut in class today, she's a virgin.
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That girl you pushed down the other day, she's already being abused at home.
That girl you called fat, she's starving herself.
The old man you made fun of because of the ugly scars, he fought for our country.
The boy you made fun of for crying, his mother is dying.

You think you know them. Well, guess what? You don't!
Re-post if you are against bullying. I bet 99% of you won't, but re-post if you're the 1% with a heart.


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