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Born Depressed: Those Magic Changes
RC-3232 stood near the edge of a circular landing platform. Varying shades of blue filled his vision. Kamino’s drizzling rain pattered against the surface of his visor. He watched the waves of the ocean below whirl against and around the platform’s support pillar. Blaster bolts whizzed pass the sides of his head and continued on toward the dark, stormy skyline.
The RC soon felt a bolt hit his left shoulder blade. Another one hit the back of his helmet. It was a training blaster being used, so the hits only left a faint stinging effect on the Katarn armor plating.
The flurry of blaster fired stopped after that last shot. Faint footsteps slowly grew louder until they stopped directly behind 3232. What felt like the end of a rifle barrel poked at his backside. The clone turned around. A younger clone in a navy blue tunic and a poncho with a darkened forest green color was smirking up at the RC. The rifle in the younger clone’s hands looked almost as long as twice his hei
:iconnrtcpg:nrtcpg 2 4
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Mandalorian Civil War :icondarths4nchez:DarthS4nchez 35 11
Early Thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda
I, like many many other gamers worldwide, finally got early access to Mass Effect: Andromeda last night. As part of EA’s Play First early access program (for which I shelled out an extra $5 specifically to get early access to MEA) I was treated to ten hours of the main campaign. And like virtually everyone else who has put fingers to keyboards to take the newest Bioware adventure for a spin, I have some thoughts.
To make a long story short for my more impatient readers: I liked it, but I didn’t love it.
Now, it’s impossible to make an educated, accurate decision about the game based solely on the opening act. This is particularly unwise when dealing with Bioware games, as the company has historically not always put their best foot forward in the opening hours of their games. For evidence of this, look no further than KOTOR’s slog through Taris or Dragon Age: Inquisition’s seemingly endless trudge through the Hinterlands.
Personally, I
:iconvhetin1138:Vhetin1138 3 18
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Jacen Watsman (Courier Six:messager of Truth)
Name: Jacen Watsman

Age: 19

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Home: The Capital Wasteland

Sexuality: Straight, generally attract to red hair women.


Biography: Born and raised in the Capital Wasteland, Jacen was the eldest son of Desert Ranger war heroes from the war against the Enclave and that of the Brotherhood of Steel, Jake Watsman and May Weather Watsman. Life was not easily in the Capital, survival at the fitness, still they manage, he learn at young age what happen to those who did not defended themselves. But everything came crashing down when Talon Company was hired to destroy Jacen's home, try as his parents and other defenders did, Talon Company had larger numbers. Jacen saw many of his friends and his own parents die before his eyes, scarring his mind for the years to come. Him and his younger sister Kyrena were able to escape, few of the mercs did chased them but Jacen always was a sharpshooter, killing those who did came after them. From there the two did what they could to survive, Jacen always try remain strong for Kyrena, not wanting her give into depression and horror, it fairly worked from time to time. One day though while out looking for a hideout near Big Town, they were ambushed by Super Mutants who were out looking for prey, they would had killed the two... Had it not been for the Lone Wanderer and his sister Amanda with their companions. Jacen was awe struck by them, so was his sister Kyrena, from there the Lone Wanderer, James, helped them find a home in Megaton where they were raised by Billy Creel for the most part, Jacen however forever that day was drawn to what the Lone Wanderer was... A hero, he would listen on the radio when Three Dog would go on about the adventures about of James and his friends, becoming more and more inspired by them. Eventually after the Enclave was beaten back by the Lone Wanderer, Jacen decided he would go on become like James, he would have stayed help Kyrena but she decided join with the Brotherhood of Steel in her own way of following James footsteps, while he consider the idea of joining the BoS having met Lyons Pride when they were celebrating with James and his friends in Megaton after the Enclave were beaten, he felt more in home with the idea of the Desert Rangers. So he set off to the Wasteland at age of 14, traveling place to place, using what his parents had taught him and that of others to survive. While the Capital Wasteland was still dangerous, it was becoming increasingly safer with the Brotherhood taking over under leadership of Elder Lyons. But his true taste came when he decided visit the one location he hadn't gone to that he knows the Lone Wanderer went... Point Lookout. Jacen would become forever scarred his time on the cursed Island, hunted by the Hillbillies, wandering through the dark swamps, it was almost as if everything was being pit against him, but the true horror came when he stumble into the Blackhall Mansion. Down in the basement he encountered some kind of creature, he never gotten a full look at it but he could see it's horrible yellow eyes that stared at his very soul from the darkness. He escaped from the hall, deciding he had enough of the island, but he was hunted by the creature, stalking him through the woods, killing everyone in its path, forcing any those who were quick enough to try escape the island. Thankfully they were but not before it struck Jacen in the face, it felt as if he was on fire, he was dragged into the boat the survivors were able get and they left the island behind, Jacen was in pain for whole trip back to the Capital Wasteland. When he finally recovered in the Citadel, some would have assumed he would have quit after that experience but instead Jacen decided he was going out of the Capital Wasteland, he didn't made his reasons clear but some did assumed he was looking where the Lone Wanderer went after he disappeared, so against the wishes of Sarah Lyons who felt he was being reckless and that of his new friend Arthur Maxson, Jacen set out from the Capital Wasteland, he was never seen again after that. He traveled up to Midwest, getting into some trouble with the Enclave forces that were in hiding there, remembering encountering a "Colonel Summers" There whom gotten very pissy when Jacen originally thought he was a woman when he first heard the name before encountering him. He ended up traveling up to the West, being force go through Denver where he learned just how nasty the Dogs were there, still this ended up showing him just how much of a major threat the Legion was and how fast their mobilizing, he remember seeing hundreds of Legionaries fighting the locals or the Dogs in Denver and been given enough proof that was not their full strength but the biggest concern was when Jacen when he saw Legate Lanius in action, he didn't fought him but he saw Lanius ripping through a group of Raiders with his large sword as if it was slicing through thin paper, lifting grown men with a single arm, using his massive strength to even crush a man's skull, it left an impression on Jacen and that how his feels about the Legion. Finally he ended up in NCR territory before the Legion could take direct action against him after killing several Legionaries, Jacen spend lot of time in there, learning more about the NCR. He had very mix feelings, he felt Kimball was something of a war-hawk and can how much the NCR was losing in economies and even funding to their people, still he can firmly agree that NCR have made things lot better then compare in the Capital Wasteland, now was it safer was the question. But it was here where Jacen learned about two other Wasteland Heroes that the West Coast had seen, the Vault Dweller and the Chosen One, even seeing the Vault Dweller's statue when he was in Shady Sands for a time, it truly made now wondering just what this legacy seems be. He explored few places when he was able to find information regarding them, one of the people who helped with this knowledge of the Vault Dweller was when he encountered the Ghoul known as Lenny in New Arroyo, he helped give him information regarding what he remember of the Vault Dweller and his actions but he then directed him to the Chosen One. It took lot of things do and convincing but he was able finally meet the Chosen One face to face, he was honestly quite shocked when he looked at the Chosen One, where others would have seen just a old man, Jacen saw a man whose seen a lot, he was bit of an ass and kinda pervert as Jacen put it "Thought through his groin" at times whenever there was a pretty woman nearby, still he was good man and happily shared his story with Jacen whom in return shared his. By the end of the two were satisfied and went their different ways, leaving Jacen lots to think about. He eventually came to the Mojave Wasteland a year after his visit in New Arroyo, he didn't know why but he felt as if there was a calling to him there, how little he didn't know he was about get caught into one big adventure.

Equipment: Desert Ranger armor. Bozar, 12.7M pistol, Infiltrator, Revolver pistol. Katana Tsuki No Hana

Skin tone: Pale

Eye color: Indigo and Green

Height: 6.6 foot tall

Personality: Once a cheerful and care spirit boy, Jacen has long since changed over the years of traveling the Wasteland and seeing the things he has seen. Typical a quiet man, polite but quiet, speaks usually only when he needs to. His notably has become more ruthless as shown have a very strong dislike towards Raiders and Slavers, noted to not show mercy when dealing with them. However despise this his strong moral code ensures he does go too far. His been known to shown lot of respect towards women, being polite and everything but that's only when the woman clearly earn it and has done anything make him reconsider. His biggest trait is that he will not stand idle of injustice acts are being committed, a factor that could play a double edge sword if his enemies know how use that. 
Jack Mormon
Name: Jack Mormon

Age: 29

Race: Human, Sottish. 

Bust: C


Gender: Female

Equipment: Gunner Harness, Gunner chestplate and knee guards. Combat shotgun, an axe, two 10MM pistols.

Hair: Brown, right side shaved while left kept long.

Eyes: Yellow

Tattoos/Scars: Has tattoos covering her body from arms, legs, chest, even face. Some are just veins of somekind while the one on her arm is a serpent from her last Raider gang. Has scars on her back from her time being abiused.

Personality: Crude, kinda arrogant, ruthless, Jack's personality are all markings of what was a Raider, believing in it's the strong who survive and often the die. However unlike other Raiders she's lot smarter and even shown tactical knowledge in her time with the Gunners, she's still kinda cocky but lot of it she can back with skill. Interestingly she has shown a very strong dislike towards the Fiends, when asked about her dislike she reply "Just because I don't nasty shit in my life, all of it was for survival. Fiends... Their just fucking animals I would gladly kill." Originally she had lot more casual with sex, didn't really care who she slept with but since meeting Wade and him denying her offers... It left her puzzed and becoming now lot more secured who she sleeps with, making the intention clear she only plans that person she has sex with is Wade whom despite his personality, keeps denying her... No matter how tempting she makes it sound. Her time with the Gunners has taught her about loyalty, honor, courage, while she does not display these things very often, she does however display loyalty to certain members of her fellow Gunners. 

Jack was once a Raider who was merely out for survival then making life hard for others, growing up as a Raider left her harden and not willing take anyone's shit and left unloved as she was abuised by her parents often. Tattoos across her body show her time with the Raiders, including ones of her pain. But one day Jack was left for dead by her Raider group, would have died in harsh sun of Wasteland if it wasn't for the Gunners that came. She was nurse back to health, when able she was offer choice of joining the Gunners or just striking out for her own. Seeing her survival chances here, she chose join. Jack won't admit but she does consider Gunners be her family now under Cortez. She develop an interesting relationship with Wade Nilsson, the young man quickly gotten her attention.

Unlike others who were quite interested in her body, Wade looked at her that shocked her... He saw her as a person, his strong morals and justice would continue surprise her, while she still remains harden and cold, she was given new purpose under these Gunners. While she continue bug Wade if he wanted sleep with her, it was now starting become bit more then that'...
X5-15 (Quiet)
Name: X5-15, Quiet

Age: 22

Species: Synth

Gender: Female

Home: The Institute

Bust: DD

Body type:…?

Biography: Created in the Institute, X5 was created and trained for one purpose... To be a killing machine. She however stood out among her fellow Coursers as she never spoke a word, always remaining quiet, while the scientists were buzzed by it but since she always followed orders without question they kinda just shrug it off though her silence has been known to unsettle some people. When she was assigned to Doctor Li, she was generally caught off guard by Li more better treatment towards Synths compare to some, she was moody and often wanted be alone yes but she still treated Synths better and she appreciated X5's quietness. She continues serve in the Institute with great loyalty... For now.

Equipment: Courser uniform. Institute energy pistol.

Skin tone: Pale

Eye color: Indigo

Height: 5.5 foot tall

Personality: Not much personality to her actual, loyal to a fault, will do orders without question, has little issues in doing dirty work. But she has been noted for liking pre war music by Doctor Li, seeing her sometimes just having her eyes close and her head almost following the flow of the music.
Name: Athena

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 6.9

Eyes: Yellow from her upgrades.

Hair: Originally black, now dyed blue.

Skin Color: Tanned.


Equipment: Reforged of both Chinese Stealth armor and Enclave technology. Chinese cleaver she found in her travels. Plasma rifle, plasma pistol, plasma grenades.

Personality: Athena has been consider highly dangerous and somewhat unstable thanks to the augements the Enclave make her aggressive. After the death of her brother who was truly only one who truly understood her and cared about her, one thing only mattered to Athena and that was revenge against Wade whom she had believed to have killed him. Despite her now ruthless nature she still holds at least few morals in mind, no civilian targets, no slavery, or shooting unarmed, still as revenge continues on her mind it as well continues to poison her mind. Her interest in Chinese culture was more or less her way of rebelling against her Enclave parents after she left as like with her blue hair when it was originally black. A noted factor that is a sad one as looking at children happy, carefree, with loving parents, it often ends up reminding of what they have that she did not had.

Background: Born into the Enclave, Athena was trained her life as a soldier for the Enclave's goals and interests, she was never given much love or care by her parents, Colonel Augustus Autumn and Enclave assassin Raven, always taught how follow orders and to be a soldier, lots of demand put on her. Still she had her younger brother Jason who care about her and always struck help her big sister, something she always was thankful for. However much of it changed when Athena was roll into a project by her mother at age of 19, meant be type of project create super solders, a reattempt on Frank Horrigan project.The test was fairly sucessfully but she was in constant pain for weeks as the upgrades changed her body, giving her enhanced strength, speed, and agility, along with adding things that would help in seducing should she need it as a assassin as recommanded by her mother. Still this did ended up causing her be aggressive, violent, and colder but her brother who was now a soldier of the Enclave, was able keep her more or less sane, but it all came crashing down when the Enclave plans to attack the Capital Wasteland was stopped by a young man Wade Nilsson and a woman name Vanessa, her brother Jason was killed in a blast as the base he was stationed at where Wade helped destroyed with Vanessa, that caused her whole world to come crashing down on her, she had lost the one person who actual gave a damn about her, all that matter to her now was revenge. She would not learn that her brother was actual killed by his commanding officer for disobeying orders to not shoot on civilians, a factor the said officer chose to lie in order escape the wraith of her family. She chased down Wade across the Wastelands, leaving the Enclave in purse of revenge, she had almost had him in New Reno but she was caught off guard when Van Graff hitmen who too were after Wade, caused her attention move away from him to the hitmen, allowing Wade to escape while Athena was force kill the hitmen. Now she continues searching, just looking for Wade, slowly losing herself into madness of revenge....
Kalilies Nadia
Name: Kalilies Nadia

Age: 25

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Home: The Midwest

Bust: B

Body type:…?

Likes: Cigarettes, gumbling, money, spicy food, cats.

Dislikes: Slavery, Raiders, assholes, rats, molerats, bugs, shifty people, liars.

Sexuality: Bisexual, prefers either strong tall men or tall blondes, when drunk doesn't really quite care. 

Personality: Cold, crude, can be as she describes herself "Cold stone bitch", Kalilies can be a hard one get along with as her lifestyle has turn her into quite the character. However despite these things she has small level of morals such as not working with slavers or raiders as she dislikes them both, but still does not change her loyalty is only to herself and those who get her most money. But now it is starting slightly shift since joining up with Courier Six's group, her loyalty is slowly going to that of the group's as she never quite experienced kindness some of members like John or Six have given her, still doesn't change she doesn't get along with Janna all that much. She's noted to approach sex very casually and typical believes that's what most men or women want when they look at her, so when John refused heavily on her attempts it has caused her question on many matters. 

Biography: Born the daughter of two Raiders of a Raider gang, her life was a brutal one, very harsh lifestyle and abuised, exposed to drugs and etc at a earlier age. She finally had enough and at age of 15 she was able escape them, taking everything she needed for the trip. So using some skills she picked up from her Raider family she become a mercenary, a fairly ruthless one who didn't quite care who she worked, so longest they had money for her, however she left some rules such as "Don't work for slavers, their dickheads. Respect. And enough money for her.". However at age of 24 she was hired take out some Raiders, money was good so she took it, however she didn't get told enough info on these Raiders and was captured by them, the scars on her right side of her face is what the Raider boss did to her, burning it badly. Thankfully however Courier Six and the others were passing through the Midwest and they stumble onto these Raiders, killing them and getting Kalilies out. She was healed and treated for her wounds, it shocked her to the core she always felt someone wanted something from ya, so when she asked, she kinda got confused and angry when they said nothing really. She surprised the group when she chose join the group, not giving many of her reasons, but lot of it had due fact they just... Gave her meaning, they gave her a place where she felt belonged, she never will admit it or all that but it did, while her loyalty was to herself... It started shift to the group despite not getting along with Janna at all, whom she often likes call 'Ice queen' due to somewhat cold personality. Now currently travels with the group, complains here and there but despite all that doesn't go against orders pre say.

Equipment: Brown jacket, light mercenary armor, brown pants, mercenary helmet. Chinese assault rifle, machete, 9mm pistol.

Skin tone: Pale (Doesn't let anyone she doesn't trust see her face)

Eye color: Green

Height: 5.6 foot tall

Tattoos/Scars: Has tattoos across her body given by her Raider family, couple scars on her back and arms, right side of her face badly burned.
Passed On from railtoonbronyfan3751.deviantar…

The "gay boy" you punched in the hall today, committed suicide a few minutes ago.
The girl you called a slut in class today, she's a virgin.
The boy you called lame, he has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day, she's already being abused at home.
That girl you called fat, she's starving herself.
The old man you made fun of because of the ugly scars, he fought for our country.
The boy you made fun of for crying, his mother is dying.

You think you know them. Well, guess what? You don't!
Re-post if you are against bullying. I bet 99% of you won't, but re-post if you're the 1% with a heart.


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